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Floresville Middle School Reviews

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The teachers could definitely do a better job. The material is slow and dull, and not very challenging. The teachers never reign in control of their students, either.
The teachers could do a much better job. Half of the time the students would just end up goofing off in class while the teachers were off in lala land.
Honestly, it depends more on who you know than what you are.
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Everything is pretty average, although the guidance counselors could definitely do with some improvement, and there needs to be more parent involvement.
Unfortunately the administrative policies are sadly misguided, outdated, and narrow minded. Many students get picked on for no good reason (especially the special ed ones) because the teachers and guidance counselors don't do their jobs, and the administrators are highly biased towards their favorite students. I've known more than one person to not get their hard earned credits simply because someone important didn't like them or their family.
The main available options for extracurricular opportunities are sports, and the only sports I've witnessed that actually have really good coaches is the track team.
The food is pretty gross, but at the very least there are small sides of fruit and sketchy looking salads.
The children aren't required to eat anything healthy, and food is constantly getting thrown away. Not only that but the students treat the places like bathrooms and the cafeteria with no respect.
I have been to worse schools, but unfortunately, not by much. The students didn't care about learning, and the teachers either didn't care about teaching their kids, or they couldn't gain control of their kids, so that most classrooms sounded like a room full of wild animals. Also, sad to say, many of the people in charge are highly intolerant and will set up kids that they don't like to get in trouble for no good reason.
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