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Floresville High School is good at what they do. The students are great and the teachers get the job done and do almost anything to make sure we graduate at the end of the year.
Floresville High School gave me an overall good experience. It is filled with good teachers and is normally a positive environment. However a few things I would change would be to loosen the rules. For example, I feel that if boys want to have facial hair that they should be allowed to and that students should be able to leave for lunch considering that it's a small town and all of the restaurants take less than five minutes to get to. I would also change the amount of gates because it makes me think more of a prison than a school.
I really liked the sports. I liked how coaches were al wyd making you feel involved and if it wasn’t one coach, it was another. I also enjoyed the staff, even though some were more strict than others, they mad high school something to remember.
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I am a senior this year for Floresville High School. I loved every year here it had its ups and downs but what school doesn't. I liked how it is small enough to be able to form long lasting relationships with the teachers and all of your fellow students. The campus being so small isn't all good though. Everyone being so close and being so familiar with each other, makes it pretty hard to do anything without the whole campus knowing.
I love how my high school offers dual credit classes which help students such as myself to prepare for college. I would love to see a more variety in the food. I would want to see in the future more healthy and vegetarian options offered.
Floresville High School has many different opportunities for the athletic, artistic, and achedimic students not only in class but also in UIL competition. Everyone has an opportunity to find something that suits them in a friendly and accepting environment.
Wonderful Staff and curriculum. Pushed all students to excel in various academic fields. I would change the career pathways which students are able to participate.
I liked the different opportunities it gave me to join different organizations & clubs. Although I didn’t like some of the rules that we have like our dress code or the fact that we weren’t allowed to have an open campus for lunch.
I loved my time at FHS! While there, I was in the Mighty Tiger Band, and I played the alto saxophone. I marched four different shows with them, and made lasting friendships. I was also a part of the Broadcast Journalism program for three years. In it, I learned how to produce, record, and edit a weekly newscast for the school; how to create music videos; how to create short movies with a team; and how to create promotional videos for our program. FHS had other great programs, such as welding, aerospace engineering, autotech, nursing, culinary, and dual-credit and AP programs.
Good staff that wants to see you succeed. Floresville high school is extremely competitive academically, and students compete to be at the top.
With Floresville being such a small town, there were politics present in just about everything that had to do with school administration, board members, etc. We were extremely fortunate to have a few incredible teachers in the English/writing department, as well as one or two in the math and science departments. I definitely enjoyed my extra-curricular activities such as band and tennis, but I wished the school district would value education more when they made decisions to hire teachers that would treat their classes as "blow-offs."
I like the activeness the teachers have with the students. However, I do not like the recent decision they have made to move the graduation process to the gymnasium without any consent from parents or students.
FHS has somewhat prepared for life after high school. Like all schools, it has a combination of teachers both good and bad. I would like to see the school focus more setting up students for real life so they can be more prepared.
They have changed a lot of rules which is good, but there are still some that should be changed. The administration try to work for what you want. The teachers do offer so help but definitely not all.
I liked how the teacher were really helpful. They helped me a lot with my class work. I made really good friends at this high school and I'm still good friends with them now. The campus was really good.
its good i just wish the couches who teach some of the subject, put a bit more effort in teaching the subject instead of just giving answers to tests.
My time at this school has been good, i have never had or seen any problems about diversity, culture, and sexual orientation.
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The extracurricular activities at this school are not good, they are interesting but the teachers don't put effort into teaching the subject.
I wouldn't go back to high school at all or even wish to go back. I already did my time and completed it and now i finally want to work towards what i want to do in the future.
The teachers are okay at this school, they are very knowledgeable at what they teach and help some students that are in need of help.
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