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Florence Township Memorial High School Reviews

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I wish there were more clubs and extracurriculars and student involvement, the education aspect was normal but I think it would've been more enjoyable if I had the option to do a lot of diverse things.
Graduated three years ago. Had a really good experience while I attended this small high school. The teachers did a good job preparing me for college. Except for one or two the teachers seemed very dedicated. Big on sports, but I find that a good things. Kept me fit and out of trouble.
Florence Township Memorial High School has helped me to develop character, to improve in academics, and to get involved with after school activities. I would like to see safety drills taken a little more seriously, though.
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I still hang out with the people that I met in grade school. Personal relationships with the teachers. Small population allows for large opportunities. If they could act less strict, students would be more willing to comply to rules.
The good: it's a small school. The ugly: it's a small school. With a total enrollment of about 400 students (89 in the current junior class of 2018!), this school is the stereotypical small town high school. Teachers are so supportive when you work hard and seek guidance, and they know you on a personal scale. The bad to this is that you simply get tired of everyone. This corresponds to not just teachers, but to pretty much everything else in a school establishment. BUT.... take advantage of what you do have!!! Yes... there are teachers at this school who CAN NOT teach to save their lives but you have to work through that on your own!! With all of this being said, this is the perfect school to find out who you really are: your strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between. Before high school I had NO IDEA on what kind of person I even was and I am simply astonished at how much I have grown since.
I appreciated the breadth and variety of extracurricular activities that were available when I attended.
Overall, I liked going to school here! There aren't many activities and clubs which is unfortunate,but sports are really big here and I was able to find something that interested me every season. I would say the teachers are great and not too strict overall, but the school isn't the best to prepare you for college. (I wouldn't put all of the blame on the school for this one, as it is public and the curriculum is mostly at fault.) I personally have had a great time in high school but of course others would not think the same.
The first impression I got from this high school is how big and beautiful it was. Other than my old middle school in Burlington, I've never seen a school so nice. Another thing I liked about the school was the pep rally they had at the beginning of the year. It was so much fun feeling everyone's energy and watching the cheerleaders dance. The teachers were pretty nice and friendly and would give a lot of individualized attention if you had trouble with something. The only thing I didn't really like about this school was the small lunch portions. I feel that as a high schooler, we should have been given a greater portion of food in order to feel full and satisfied. But, other than that it was a good school.
I came from being homeschooled and the kids in Florence excepted me and I made many friends the teachers were very helpful in the school and in the community
Florence Township Memorial High School was a good four years. There were some ups and downs but like all schools it was pretty good. Most of our teachers want the best for each and every one of their students even if they are really rude or annoying. Of course you are going to get some teachers who really don't care and will assign boatloads of work but it does make you smarter and more prepared for college.
The school offers may extracurricular opportunities, clubs, and after school programs. There are many sports that you participate in for every seasons and many clubs that go on after school.
The school is a good environment and school. The school have a variety of chooses and have a lot of different people and groups.
The teachers are great. They care about what they teach the students and they teach us about everything we need to know for the real world. The teachers here help anyone when needed and they are like mentors to each student and are there when you need to talk about anything.
The teachers are interested in the students doing well.
I had a good experience in high school
Florence has had a few encounters with bullying and safety. They've recently had to bring in more security because of the students at this school. It doesn't feel safe, and I've heard a tremendous amount of students comment on the fact that they do not feel safe at this school.
We didn't really have many clubs, probably about three or four. We had the science and math club, which was basically just AP students and you didn't have to do anything to technically be considered in the club. There was also an environmental club who would just meet up and discuss what their next trip was going to be.
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Overall, my high school experience was one to remember. The students were outgoing, and intelligent. One of my favorite experiences would have to be becoming Central Jersey Champions for softball. It felt great to have the support of the whole school and parents. It seemed as if everyone was out there cheering us on. If I could do it all over again I would definitely go back to Florence Township Memorial High School.
The teachers at Florence Township Memorial High school do care about the students who want a successful future, but if you don't put in the work for them then they won't put in the work for you. They are respectful, and help you if you reach out to them. Most teachers are consistent with their grading. One thing they could work on is using real-world examples. Now, being in college for two years I have noticed that professor's do use real-world examples and I think it would have been a good thing to have while gaining knowledge in high school.
The courses here are average, a lot of people aren't really that bright so some of them are even dumbed down a little. Homework is manageable and there is sometimes tutoring after school
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