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Good education, small class sizes make it easy to get one-on-one help and really feel like a community!
Being at Florence High School means you get so much academic support, you are very close to everyone in the school. Class sizes are very small, so you get more one-on-one time with teachers. Everybody has so much school spirit and compassion for one another.
Kind and caring environment, small town values, education first. School offers great shop and fab-lab classes.
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I absolutely loved going to school in Florence. I excelled here and was able to participate in so much. Everyone, and I mean everyone, will know your name. Academics are not the best, but are definitely improving. The school is a little rundown, but it is in the progress of being renovated. I believe that this overall, is an excellent school community, and I would definitely recommend this school.
I loved how I knew all the teachers and everyone on the staff cared about me and my goals. One of the few problems was the lack of choice in picking what classes to take.
Many clubs are encouraged by the faculty.
While being a small school, they offer only a couple clubs and organizations. However, the small school atmosphere give students a close group of friends and one to one learning with their teacher.
While alot of the teachers are engaged and want students to succeed, others put for the minimum effort.
Even though Florence High School is a particularly small school there is still a lot of student involvement. The sports teams, for example, do well against the schools that are played against. The students that try out, are on the team. With the help of coaches the Florence teams perform exceptional against their opponent. The students that don't participate in spots still come to the home games to cheer their peers on, which shows school spirit. As for extracurricular activities there is more than half of the students involved.
our sports are good but they are declining due to not enough members
We have our general classes along with AP classes
Our school is like any other high school
The school offered classes that will help people in the future but we don't get taught as much as the other schools teach the students
I love our extracurricular activities. I participated in a great majority of them. Especially the musical, or drama related ones
I love my school. Mainly because of my friends and a few teachers but that's about it. The rest I could go without!
Most things are good, but our school needs to learn more about taking care of people when something serious happens. A few kids last year in my school had seizures or ended up with a concussion and the teachers didn't really do anything except sit back and watch
Cafeteria food well, just bleh. It is okay some days but some days most would rather just skip lunch. They are trying to be more healthy but it would be nice to have more variety
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The guidance counselor is only at the school 2 days a week, but over at the elementary school 3 days a week. The dress code is discriminatory. If a busty girl wears the same kind of V-neck shirt as a girl not so busty, she is asked to cover up because she is to revealing. Also for our school dances, we are suppose to follow the dress code but we don't. Girls wear dresses that barely cover there bottom, or it looks like a rag was stretched out just enough to cover there breasts and bottom.
Our school doesn't offer as many classes with actual teachers in the room as most would like. If you want to take a class that isn't offered it has to be done online, which isn't always the best method to learn. We do have an awesome math and english teacher though which I do appreciate.
We have an awesome student counselor, but I wish we had two of him. It is really hard to find him, and if you do you have to fight to get his attention. Dress code is inforced pretty well, and bullying is not tollerated.
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