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After graduating in 2013, I was not prepared for the rigorous pace at UT Austin and had a really tough time acclimating. In the first year, I was having to teach myself things I should've learned in high school while also learning new stuff in lectures. Even though I wasn't prepared academically, I was able to work hard and earn an engineering degree. I think Florence might've helped prepare me to work towards my goal, but that's it.
I felt extremely safe at this school. There are security cameras and locked doors. visitors had to sign in and sign out. the school nurse was so helpful and caring! and the school is up to date on safety practices.
I believe there could be more opportunities for the students and better funding. More encouragement for the students to join clubs and participate would do the school good. The ag program rocks and the drama team is funny! I think the counselor could do a better job preparing the students for all things college related.
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I met great people here. I have created lifelong relationships at this school and I truly got to know everyone, including my teachers. My favorite memory would have to be when the softball team won second place in State Championship game. This was an historic event because in the past, the softball team was the worst in the district. The whole community came out and supported the girls at every game. We were proud to be a part of Florence. I love this community.
There are a handful of outstanding and incredible teachers, ones that teach for the pure joy of teaching and bettering students. However, some teachers lack enthusiasm and drive. Some of them are young and are just working at Florence to get experience and move on to a better paying school district. Because of the inadequate funding due to the poor community, the technology is lacking and supplies are limited. I have had many teachers who just throw worksheets in front of us because they have so many classes on which they have to focus because of the shortage of staff. Nevertheless, the community and faculty are quite supportive of the Ag program and a select others, like the softball and football team. Even though Florence had its problems, there was a sense of family that overshadowed the negative aspects.
Overall, it's a pretty nice place to be.
Its a pretty safe community.
The food is alright, we are given enough time to eat in school. That being said, the options for students are kind of limited.
Most problems are dealt with the appropriate disciplinary actions.
The school has pretty decent facilities. I have no complaints.
The teachers at Florence High School are amazing. They help anyone that approaches them. The community in Florence is like a huge family.
I have been involved in band and robotics all through high school and I have nothing but good things to say about these organizations. The student participation along with the parent participation made my experiences amazing.
We have a total of five elective choices.
There are not many safety policies in place because it is a small school.
The teachers are not very helpful or engaging.
Our school is very strict about policies
Not a lot of variety or dedication to success
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The most successful extracurricular activity is ag
We still have computers from 2006
Our cafeteria does not have much of a variety
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