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I love my high school! I had the best time with the best teachers and coaches during my four years at Florence High School.
Florence High School is a very small and tight-knit school, where everybody knows everybody. The teachers are able to better socialize with the students better and provide a better teaching experience.
The teachers are probably the best thing about the school. They genuinely believe in you and want to see you succeed.
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I have watched my daughter become a Senior this year and it’s been amazing. FHS is a wonderful school, with fantastic teachers and staff. I have seen problems come up but they are handled in professional ways. I also have a son who is on the football team and they show them exactly what school pride is. I cannot say enough good stuff about FHS. I’m just glad to be an EAGLE and so are my kids!
What I liked most about my experience in high school all resides in my senior year. I'm manager on the volleyball team and I finally felt like I belonged. Even though we had our ups and downs we still came together and treated each other like family. I wish Florence would become more inviting to all the students instead of singling out everyone except the "popular kids".
I been in this school for about 3 an half years and my experience here been pretty good. I’ve had fun in this school since I’ve been here over the amount of years. This is my last year of high school and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed high school and I am really going to miss being in high school. When I go off to college to get the education that I need to make a career out of my life. I proud to say that I am a eagle at Florence high school. I thank my friends for being their for me during my experience at this school. I appreciate it a lot.
It was pretty good. All of the teachers I had very very exceptional, and knew what they were teaching.
My four years at Florence High School were very eventful. The teachers at Florence High School are truly the best in Rankin county. They are supportive, friendly, and work very hard. The administration is amazing. My principal, Mr. Martin, had meetings with our class every year to establish the goals that he had for us and to let us talk to him about any complaints or questions we had. I believe that I went to one of the best schools in the state of Mississippi.
I graduated from Florence High School in 2009 and I feel like I was very well prepared for college. Many of the classes I took focused on college prep and prepared me for the real world. The teachers did really work hard and take time with students. I felt very safe and I felt like my education mattered to the teachers and staff at FHS. My only complaint is the lack of recognition to the arts programs. There were many talented students in both band, choir, theatre, and art but it seemed like these programs were not as valued as sports.
Florence High School has made my high school years excellent and has made the years unforgettable. It's a great environment and great staff and faculty.
Florence High School overall is an average school. The academics are fine and there is good competition in them. It attempts to ready you for college life depending on classes that one takes.
During my 3 years attending Florence High School there have been many good things that have happened but also a few that I personally have no enjoyed. Florence High has some of the most encouraging teachers, they always push you to do your best even on your worst days. Weather you are a straight A student or a student struggling to maintain a C average, the administrative staff and teachers are more than willing to help you out.
The teachers are very friendly, but generally under qualified. The school is very nice with a high focus on sports.
Florence High School might be one of the safest schools in the state of Mississippi. It has great multiple clubs, academic programs, and sports for students to be active in. The counselors, teachers, and administrators help in any way they can to advance students to the next level with confidence.
My overall experience at Florence High School has been amazing. The teachers are so helpful and genuinely care about the students. I have been very involved in the many extra curricular ativites offered at FHS and I believe that is what has made the experience so amazing. The only thing I wish was different about Florence is that there is not many options for elective classes. I wish there was a little more variety in those classes. Overall I have enjoyed my experience at Florence High School and would not change it for anything.
Florence is great ! I love the different activities and clubs we have to make everyone feel important or make them want to involve in the activities. I am in the Medical Science Academy and it is one of the best things that has happened to me. The principal and teachers are great. Although i've had a few bad times, i've enjoyed being here overall.
I loved Florence High School for their loving teachers that took their time to make sure that you know what you need to know!
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I think this school is pretty safe. The school does not have many incidents where anything bad happens. It is very rare to have bad situations. I would say a school nurse would be very helpful to have at the school.
SADD is very fun and you learn a lot and get involved. Key club is very engaging and you do a lot of volunteer work. NAHS is fun and you engage in a lot of different volunteer work also.
If I could, I would go to this school again because the teachers and students made learning fun. We learned but had fun at the same time.
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