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If what you are looking for is a small school with big opportunities, Florence High School is the place to be.
The school offers the typical sports programs, including football, basketball, and more. The school also offers a competitive marching band, cheer team and more.
Florence is also fantastic in it’s size. FHS hasn’t had more than 400 students in years. Florence’s small size also means that students, get more time with teachers who actually care about their jobs.
Although Florence High School has many positives going for it, it is also important to talk about what hinders it.
As a student I feel that administration cares only about the scores we get rather than the enjoyment we could get from school.
Florence High School is a great place to be if what you’re looking for is a small size, big opportunities, and many fun programs to be part of. It does have it’s downfalls but overall, the goods out weigh the bads.
Florence High School was nice to be in because of it's size. Since there was no more than 450 students in the school, you can really get to know everyone. This helped a lot when it came to working as a team in sports and clubs because it was so tightly woven. This high school offers a lot of good health and science classes that may not be for college credit, but they do set you up to be college ready.
I believe that this school was the worst that I have been. Not only do most of the teachers act with no respect for the students but they treat students horribly. When I first started going to this school they filed my papers wrong, I had to calculate my own GPA because they told me they didnt have time to do it for me. Some of my credits from my other schools were dismissed because Florence did not offer the class. The classes aren't even based on how well you learn anymore its only about if you bring your ipad to class and if the teacher likes you.
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the school was horrible most of the teachers did not know what they were doing and it was just hard to keep up because they would jump from one thing to the next.
I was homeschooled but wanted to play sports. Florence gave me that opportunity and for that I am thankful.
I, like many others, completely hate this school for collection of reasons. Except for Mrs. Berger and Mrs. Lockhart. The school values sports over academics and they put athletes above everyone else. Thanks bye.
I feel very safe at Florence High School. There are many health programs and classes you can take to further your knowledge on health and safety. One or two police officers hang out by the front office and sometimes walk around. A school hall monitor walks around the hallways and makes sure that students are where they are supposed to be. There are fire exits and stairs used just for emergencies. The classrooms are in "pods" and none of the classrooms have doors, but if there is an emergency the doors of the pod can be shut in order to keep out shooters or anyone of the sort. Unfortunately, the school nurse isn't available very often because she teaches classes like health and kinestheology, so if you have a headache, suck it up. To end, Florence High School's health and safety policies are very good, though an active school nurse would be nice.
There aren't many clubs or after school activities offered besides sports: football, golf, basketball, soccer, softball, cheer-leading, track, and volleyball. There are only a couple clubs and organizations, but people are allowed to go to a teacher or the front desk and ask to start one. This is an area that the school should focus on for a while.
In my experience, Florence high School has been a very safe environment. This goes for emergencies like fires, tornadoes, and so on, but also for the lack of bullying that occurs there. I rarely hear of bully cases at the school and people are pretty good at being welcoming. There are fine lines between "jocks, hicks, preps, ect.", that make the school a welcoming place. A downfall of the school is some experiences with transfer students. My friend was transferred his junior year from a private school in Canon City, CO. The transcripts didn't go through the school somehow so his first two years of high school were completely erased. This happened on multiple occasions to other students transferring in and sometimes out of Florence High School's system. Then, when they set up his schedule, they gave him classes that he had to pay to take like chemistry, art, and welding. They hadn't even asked if he'd taken physical science (which he hadn't) and they wouldn't allow him to transfer to another class until the beginning of the second semester, though he didn't understand anything about chemistry because he didn't take the required class before that. What I'm trying to get across is that Florence High School has some big pros and some big cons.
Almost every teacher that I've had teaches different than another. One or two are pretty lazy and aren't engaging, so from this you learn to be a more independent learner. Other teachers are more hands-on and prepare lessons weeks before they teach them. One of my favorite teachers is pretty strict, but teaches in ways to actually help the students remember things. She has us walk around the halls with one or two partners going through flash cards to help teach each other. She pays very close attention to learning statistics and found that teaching someone can help the person who is teaching to more easily learn the stuff they're teaching. She also welcomes questions, which i like. Another teacher has us do a lot of work in class so she is there to help when needed. She has us do problems over and over again; the first couple times as a class, then later on our own. All in all, most of the teachers I've had at FHS are very helpful and engaging.
I wouldn't choose this school again if I had to do it over. What makes the school unique is that it's only a few years old and it has major building foundational issues both for the building and the athletic fields. It's practically falling apart. It is also always on watch because students test scores are so low and they don't prepare students to go on to a college education. It's in a small town, if your last name is popular and well-known in the town than you will get more support from the school. This can include playing more in the athletic games regardless of others having more ability, or more scholarships and financial aid from the community and school regardless of others being more qualified. If your last name isn't well-known and there isn't a considerable amount of your family living in the area, then regardless of your abilities or qualifications others will be get more support.
Teachers have good communication skills, but a lot of the best teachers are lost to the prison system, because the prisons pay more. Teachers also aren't preparing students for college. A lot of students don't care, so to keep students from failing teachers make the work easier. Most students who graduate and continue on to higher education drop out of large universities and move back home to attend a smaller university or a community college.
I like this high school for the fact that it's very diverse and different for its size and placement. There are no real cliques and a lot of students are very supportive of each other; even the football players are more than happy to support or encourage a disabled kid. There are the rich kids, the rancher kids, the foster kids, poor, hunter, and posh kids. Writers and artists and archers and jocks. Our bullying isn't even very severe (people step in when it happens or just get their problems dealt with through a fist fight). However we have no paper towels, the school is sliding down it hill slowly and there are several prisons nearby. Our electronics don't all work like they should and there have been a lot of teachers leaving and getting replaced. The school isn't even built for safety, as half of its walls are glass.
This school is really great. I have learned alot and it has helped me grow to a better person.
I am not sure how the lunches are at the school. I do not take hot lunch.
Students who misbehave do have consequences. Most of the time it is dealt with the right way.
The football field, gymnasium, and the weight lifting room are close to new and everything else is kept in good shape.
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The teachers do a good job. The class sizes are small which allow students to interact with the teachers at a better level.
There are mostly sports clubs/teams. There are other clubs but not as big as sports.
Everyone is open to other groups and ideas
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