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It's far and away the best high school in FUSD. That does not make it "good". Most of the teachers and staff care a great deal about their students and their happiness and success, but when a faculty member doesn't care, the district can't afford to fire them, and certainly can't afford to get rid of them, so there are certainly some bad apples in there threatening to spoil the bunch.
Small town school close community generations of family immense pride in facilities focused in success
When I attended, there were many amazing teachers that really changed the way I viewed my academics. However, when students reported a case of a teacher bullying a fellow student, it was written off as the students “not understanding the situation” and being ignored. It rarely seemed like administration actually cared about the students.
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Although I graduated in 2011, and things very well may have changed for the better since then, I have to say that I had a less-than satisfactory experience attending Florence High School. My biggest complaint would be the lack of discipline/control of students and the teachers/administration that allows that kind of behavior. I would also like to see them improve their curriculum and become a more competitive and desirable school to go to.
Florence High School give their students many new opportunities to look at. They are are open to any and everyone. The students and teachers believe in accepting everyone for who the are and giving the love and respect they deserve. Florence High has also really lock down on their safety of their students and they have the DIG-IT program. DIG-IT stands for Diversity, Integrity, Grit, Independent, and Tradition.
Florence High School is a very competitive school that challenges you daily. Whether it may be in sports or the classroom. They take tradition and pride to a whole new level and believe that every student has a chance at succeeding.
My high school experience has been interesting. My Freshmen and Sophmore years were a bit rougher than my Junior and Senior years. I loved most of my teachers (although there were a select few that I had problems with), but I'd think that my high school experience was pretty good. I was enrolled in a few higher course classes- such as IB English and AP US History- and my teachers during those courses were a huge help. The majority of them are understanding and kind. Although I can't wait to leave high school and start the next chapter in my life, I'll think back with some fond memories.
I love going to school here! It was my first experience in a public school and it was great! I feel prepared for college classes and even took some during highschool. IB was challenging but different and I enjoyed it.
A very tradition and pride focused school. There is a heavy focus on sports, but a lack on the academic sided things. While they showcase their IB and AP curriculums, few kids take advantage of them and many teachers are unable to properly instruct an advanced course.
One thing that I did like about Florence High School was that there were a few teachers that actually did their best to make students college ready in their classes. However one thing I'd like to see is for Florence High School to open up more opportunities for student with different interest of school pursuit. Like for me I am an Electrical Engineer and Florence didn't prepare me for any of the classes I am currently taking. It is definitely a lot more difficult than what it looks and I just wish Florence had some sort of circuit class and programming class available.
Florence High School is an excellent school. Academics are high, they could be more advanced, but they're good. It may be just me, but I've never ran into any problems with anyone. This school is doing the best it can to prepare me for college.
I like that Florence High School is sort of a small school and there are not a whole lot of people who go here.
The school isn't anything special or remarkable. It is mostly average. One of the most special things about the school is that it grants it's student's laptops, the only one in the district. Some staff members can be biased toward sports and cheerleaders. But, not enough to warrant anything. One of the two biggest problems are the bathrooms. The school seems to lack either the money or just lost interest in trying to fix the bathrooms. The lights don't work or the stall doors are gone. They seem to be progressively getting worse over the past two years. The other would have to be electives. There just isn't a very wide variety to choose from, even taking into account it being a smaller school.
So far, I have been a Florence High School student for about 4 years now. If there is one thing that Florence has taught me, it is to always prepare myself for when I am about to embark into the real world after high school. I've had many great counselors and teachers assist me to be college ready. If there is one thing Florence could change, it would have to be to increase their school spirit when it comes to them hosting events for FHS.
The four years I attended Florence High School has been some of the greatest moments I have had in my life. Their academics are prestige and the people here are wonderful. I also loved the small campus.
Teachers are good sports are good but it's very political because it's a small school ran by townies. I think if they got the politics out of it it would be great.
Would be better if they knew how to prioritize what they spent the money on and hired better teachers and staff.
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My favorite part about Florence High School is the community feeling you get feel once you arrive. You feel like you are part of a family, there are so many resources for you and they want you to succeed there. It isn't just about how they can help you for the next 4 years it is about the next 40 years. The one thing I would love to see change is the school spirit and just see it filled with kids representing their school. I hope that everyone on campus can join in together and be apart of the program.
The teachers are always there when you need them. Everyone is very friendly. People like to help out and that's what I really like about this school. We have grown a lot since my Freshmen year because I feel like there is more tradition and diversity throughout the school years. Most teachers are very nice and always try to find new ways of teaching. Florence High School has been a great experience and I hope my younger siblings are able to attend this great school.
I enjoyed the teachers, who were friendly and extremely supportive, but I wish that the use of budget money would change. For two years the girls' bathrooms did not have locks on the stalls, but the gym was re-painted.
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