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Everyone is represented well, and has an opportunity to take a class in what they love. The teachers care about the well being and academic abilities of every student. There are many different classes and electives to take.
My experience at Florence High School has been an inspiring journey. Through the years, I have been opened up to so many opportunities. Florence is a very large diverse school. It has showed me that everyone can find a place somewhere and the teachers and staff are the most supportive people to have while deciding your path in life. They will do anything to help and I have taken advantage of that. Florence has so many different programs and clubs to involve all students in something. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my years of high school anywhere else.
I feel like Florence High School has prepared me for college and help me grow into a responsible adult. I feel like my school offers everyone know matter who you are ways to advance and be unique. I am very proud to be a Florence Falcon!
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Great teachers and academics. The fine art program is almost unbeatable. One of the best dance teams in the country.
Coming from a small private school to a very large high school was intimidating at first. I make friends fast and also run cross-country the team helped me through the shock. The teachers were very helpful and understanding. The four years I went to Florence high was a very enjoyable experience.
Some teachers are good, others are a little suspect. The school food isn't good all the time. The vending machines are nice.
At Florence High School, there are many opportunities for their students to learn and advance the future! The instructors provide a cheerful attitude excellent teaching which allows them to be able to help their students if they have a bit of trouble. The school also has a large variety of classes such as welding, culinary, and even have a well-known fine arts program to help their students find out what their interests are and what they'd like to achieve in the future.
I personally loved getting involved in culinary. Florence offers a lot of choices and opportunities and I fell in love with culinary. I’ve also enjoyed being a part of the organizations Florence shares, such as FCCLA.
Florence can be better. Florence sports students and teachers are bad. I dont really like the environment. The food makes people sick . Also, our school has a few racism in it,
Florence is a pretty good school to attend. The education is very excellent and most students are challenged very well. The students in the school could use some discipline and learn how to act as a kind person. They need to learn the concept of respect and to treat others how they would want to be treated.
Florence High School has taught me a lot about when I leave high school how the real world would become reality.
Florence High School is outstanding in relation to its faculty, administration, and academics. The teachers are wonderful and are always there for you with any questions you have. They make sure that you understand everything they are teaching and that you are on track. Florence offers countless Advanced Placement classes for students to take in order to further their academic career. It also has a program called FAFA, also known as Florence Academy of Fine Arts, where students can take dance, piano, theatre, and many other art classes. Florence altogether is a great school, the only thing that I would like to see a change in is I would love for there to be more diverse clubs that the students can participate in.
I transferred to Florence High School as a Freshman. It has been a wonderful, life changing experience for me. I have participated in so many clubs and activities through the school including Florence Academy of Fine Arts, cheerleading, Show Choir, singer-songwriter, All State Chorus, Key Club, French Club, First Priority Club, Nenon Club of Florence and much more. The Florence High School administration and teachers truly care for the students and provide many opportunities to help them succeed. I wouldn't change a thing about my wonderful school.
I had a great experience at Florence high school as a former graduate I would highly recommend this school to any future high school students. Faculty and students really make a great impact with excellent involvement through sports, clubs/organizations, pageants, alpha gents. I am proud to share my overall experience this school was very good.
What I liked was that it was a good and safe environment of learning. One thing I would change is the dress and make it more simple.
FHS is a school that really has it all. From fine arts, to sports, to AP classes, Florence excels in all these areas and more despite what people may think about schools in Alabama.
Tons of acedemic opportunities and extracurricular actives, the administration is very involved with students.
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Florence High School was a great experience for me. The thing that made it great was the fact that there were so many offerings to take advantage of whether it be in sports or in fine arts. The school also has a great spirit about it- many of the students genuinely enjoy the experience because of the clubs and activities they are offered. This school is, without a doubt, bound to offer students a great high school experience.
I would like to see a loosen in the administration. They are very strict on the school, and even some students have expressed how they feel that the fun has been sucked out of school since the new administration has arrived. one thing I like is the involvement in the arts and many activities and clubs that the students can participate in.
Great pubic high school overall. Lots of teachers and students from all different backgrounds. Really enjoyed my time at this high school!
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