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Florence Christian is a good school for someone looking for a strictly biblical education. The faculty can be biased at times to the people or students who attend the church. The teachers are not always great, they will only hire people who attend the church. College readiness is not good. The courses do not work well to prepare the student for college, especially in math (not including accelerated) and Spanish. There are a lot of extracurricular activities and sports to choose from and the coaches and teachers work hard to get everyone involved. Safety has gotten much better recently with the addition of security cameras. Bullying is also very rare at the school in my experience, the students are encouraged to work together and be kind through classroom experiences and chapels.
Florence Christian over my years has been on the upward climb into becoming a powerhouse in sports and academics. With multiple state championships in sports and clubs. Florence Christian has given me an education that has challenged me to think. The teachers at FCS really care and love the students and help them to succeed. Students are encouraged to form a world view (Christian usually but just to have one that one can support) and be able to logically standby it. the administration seems to not respect any club or team that does not involve a ball. Programs like student government, and debate have not received the well deserved resources, respect, and support from the administration. Sometimes the BJU books sacrifice truth to follow their rhetoric or points. FCS does however, have the best diversity, college preparation, safety, facilities, school culture in all of SCISA.
I love the teachers at FCS; they do a great job. The source material is alright; it's BJU Press. I wish there was training in how to use school
technology! Neither the students nor the teachers feet
it! Ithink the dress code could be revised a bit
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Florence Christian school provides a Christian education for those who desire it, and I think that is very important. They have very nice facilities and tried to stay up to date on everything. Of course there are things that could use some change, but overall it is a good school.
Florence Christian is a very nice school. They make sure to put Jesus first in all we do. There is hardly ever an bad situations of bullying or problems with a teacher. If any problems occur, the administration fixes them right away. I highly recommend for anyone who wants a good Christian education.
As parents we want to protect and give our children all of the ability we have. I know that when my child walks through the doors at FCS she is surrounded by people that care about her and truly have her best interest at heart. Not only is my child in a safe and Godly environment. She is also getting the best in academics . The school is well rounded and offers all of the extra curriculum that a young person needs to be able to function and be successful in todays society.
Florence Christian School has a good, Christian environment, and teachers that are willing to help their students as long as the students have actual questions. The downside to Florence Christian is that, being a smaller school, there are not many classes and electives to choose from. If there was one thing I would change about Florence Christian, I would like to see the school have more field trips.
I have been at Florence Christian School since 4k. Since it is a Christ centered school, it has helped me grow closer to the Lord. I love all of the teachers there while they try their hardest to please everyone, even if it may be out of there comfort zone. The teachers and administration try and make us great leaders, and to prepare us for the college life, and professors that we may face.
In my fourteen years at Florence Christian School, I have had many memories, good and bad. I appreciate the thorough education they give in certain subjects and the caring high school teachers present. I would like to see, however, a soccer team open to girls. There is a boy's golf team and a boy's soccer team, but these sports are not open to girls unfortunately.
I loved my six years here at Florence Christian School. It was amazing to see such involved faculty and staff who really cared about all the students and wanted to see them grow in their walk with God.
The school curriculum is a little behind the curriculum of public schools, but the staff is overall friendly. Small classes so there is one-on-one with the teachers. Baptist environment.
I have been attending Florence Christian since the 1st grade. While it is a nice environment, the academics are lacking. We are behind all the public schools, many of the teachers are inexperienced, and students are not well equipped for ACT and SAT math and science. My brother graduated from FCS as salutatorian and was a math major at Clemson. He said that FCS did not all prepare him for advanced college math. There is also a lot of sexism towards women at the school. A lot of the students creativity is limited, as they are forced to abide by very strict rules. The school also shows extreme favoritism to students who attend their church, FBT. Overall, the environment is better than a public school (from what I hear), but the school falls short academically and in other areas as well.
I have been attending FCS since I was in 4k, and my overall experience has been great. They have surrounded me with a safe, friendly, and approachable environment. The academics are great, offering a variety of college preparation tools. They teach good values and stand true to their beliefs. If I could change one thing, it would be to have a better knowledge of college application and scholarship opportunities.
There's no form of proper security, there's no real identifying students other than knowing their face, they can't stop bullying or anything that happens outside if school, the nurse is adequate, the doors get locked
Externally better than public school, very strict however, teacher's can't go to the movies
Teacher's are varied, some are good some are bad, depends on which subject and who's teaching it
They offer every type of sport possible along with drama, music, science, government body. Very happy with what they offer and the info direct to keep up to date with school activities/grades.
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Teachers work with students if they are not doing well. If the student is involved in sports the coaches allow them to come to practice late so they can get extra help. The teachers give out their phone numbers so parents can contact them about their academic progress. The teachers go above and beyond what is expected which is greatly appreciated by the teachers.
They contact the parent even if it is a simple bruise. The coaches, teachers, principal, nurse make sure to inform on how to take care if that is necessary or inform of what is going on.
teachers are approachable and concerned with the students academically as well as personally.
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