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Florence-Carlton High School Reviews

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Clag in the house! Florence was the greatest school ever conceived and forever will be. I will cherish the life long memories made from faculty and students alike. A beautiful shack in the woods that school was.
Overall, Florence is an average school, with some very caring teachers, and a good music and sports program. The school invests to much into sports, taking away from some academic areas. For a small school they do an average job of preparing students for college, but should teach all students more real life skills.
Florence is a small school with a little variety of classes compared to other schools in the area. It has great teachers though and once your settled in, it's a very tight knit community
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Florence-Carlton HS has an excellent staff that do care about their students. However, the administration of the school is horrific and cares very little about the opinion of the students. Students in general are relatively accepting if wary of outsiders who are watched attentively before being unspokenly placed into a group within in the student body.
I graduated from Florence, having it be the third high school I attended, not including home schooling, and in all honesty I actually liked it the least. That's not to say it was awful. I still was given the chance to succeed, but in all honesty, at this school, I felt like I was more of just a source of income for this school. At other public schools that I have attended, it felt more like the teachers genuinely cared and were more willing to help a student succeed. There is definitely a sort of hierarchy at this school, and those who are not born into it are at a disadvantage when it comes to attending this school.
Overall, it's an average high school. It lacks opportunity for advancement and suffers from underfunding.
I have gone to Florence since Kindergarten. I have always loved Florence and have never wanted to go to a different school. The only reason that I might go somewhere else is because there isn't a lot of extra classes. We only have one foreign language and don't offer any classes like Home Economics or Culinary or anything that might help us get ready for the outside world. The community is great and so is the education but it might be nice to have more opportunities.
I just moved to Florence this year, and I am enjoying myself thus far. The teachers do a wonderful job, with a few exceptions. The chemistry/physics teacher is amazing! I also feel like everyone gets along most of the time, there isn't a lot of conflict between students. Overall, a good school!
Due to the schools small size, there is very little bullying in our school. There is occasional bullying, but it seems to be reserved to people who do sports or are athletic within the school, but not without. There are plenty of boxers and martial artists in the school, but none of them have ever partaken in the bullying. It is only the "Hot Shot" sports people who bully, and even then, that is rare. There is about one noticeable case per semester.
The extracurricular clubs and classes are great, but there is a lacking in opportunity to join many of these clubs. Due to the schools small size, it is hard to pick times and places for extra clubs, and thus, there are very few of them. The clubs that do exist are generally very supported by teachers, but not always by administration. The administration always puts sports above other activities. The arts programs at the school are phenomenal considering the schools small size. Any clubs that are not part of a class are occasionally heard of, but rarely cross my vision.
The teachers show great interest in our success, but the laws and regulations that teachers have to follow interfere with the learning that they would be able to provide if allowed to teach without government interference in course requirements. The requirements do nothing more than make the students feel like an electronic statistic, and the tests used to assess the students are greatly inadequate in assessing the students and even more inadequate in assessing the teachers.
There are few opportunities but those here are great. The coaching staff is very questionable.
I have gone to this school since kindergarten and I wouldn't change that.
The teachers put their best effort in. They truly care.
This school is incredible, it gives every student a fair chance both in the classroom and in all extracurricular events. My favorite part about this school is the amazing athletic programs it has to offer. At Florence, every sport is a winning sport and rarely do people get cut from teams. I am so grateful that I decided to go to Florence for all four years of high school because it's really helped me form ever lasting relationships with my entire high school.
Great place to grow up
Seem to be fair and involved
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There seem to be enough
Most people here are very friendly to anyone they are around. Most people don't change their friend group, but they are always friendly.
It used to be good, with many options. A few years ago they got rid of the ale cart and our options went down. Now we only have a school lunch. Most people don't like what they serve.
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