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Florala High School Reviews

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It is a small school where everybody knows everybody. There is a family feel to it. When one student feels hurt and pain we all do.
The only thing florals high school cares about is football and football players.the dress code is strict and rules are also kinda strict teachers are not trying to get. To know you and help you if you need help they just gossip about every one !!!
Teachers keep up with the extra curricular activities very well however sport often get more funding and support
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My experience at this school has been pretty great until the new principal came.
We have many speakers come to talk about the following but our students do not pay attention
Some teachers do not put in grades or show us grades like we would like.
I would like I have more clubs/organizations that are open to any and everyone
There is no school spirit on the high school side at pep rallies. But there is a lot at the football games
The academics at Florala are not fantastic but they are not horrible.
The dress code is average. Since the school is so small, the staff and faculty is very hands-on with the students and they care about if they succeed or not.
You don't get much of an option. You choose what you would like to drink. You also have to get vegetables (salad) and some type of fruit on your tray.
One of the best parts about this school is the fact that it is a small school. You are able to get that one-on-one needed time with your teachers.
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