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Good atmosphere and for the most part friendly, outgoing people. I am receiving a very good education, especially in the math and science fields.
The things I like most about Flora High school is the experienced and wisdom filled faculty. The guidance is tremendous. One thing I would like to see change is the which extracurricular activities they support most. Some sports, clubs, etc. are almost forgotten due to another out-shining it.
Good. The sports they are really good although one of the team members at the football game on Friday said he wishes that his team would talk and converse about problems to better their game. Another said Flora has the runners and Louisville has the strength so combine the two schools. We can see that Flora has potential but add more potential to the team and you can win. The academic side of things is good! I hear a lot of students with 3.5 GPA or higher! The staff is friendly and they put their all into the kids. The building is ok probably wouldn’t hurt a couple touch ups but looks nice. The new parking lot looks good as well.
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Flora is a basic small town school. Sports is just about the kids have to do here which causes them to over ride academics. The art department needs more funding but we have a new football run out tunnel... There needs to be more college prep and proper selection for honors classes. They do their best to keep up moral but academics needs to overcome athletics.
Flora was a very good high school compared to all neighboring towns. You will definitely feel an amazing sense of community there.
I would definitely like to see the students have more of a say on topics that really matter, not just "fun days" and such. I did enjoy the large oppertunity for community service and the college credits.
FHS is a typical small town high school experience (I assume). Most people are friendly, with the caveat that there are cliques. If you start attending Flora later, it can be difficult to find a group to hang out with. Sports and band are a big deal, and most everyone shows school spirit. The drop out rate is disheartening. Most of the teachers do care about their students, and put in extra effort. There is not a lot of racial diversity, but there is more sexual diversity. Some classes are extremely easy, while others are moderately challenging. I feel that the school is well prepared for an emergency. Parental involvement is semi-strong. If there is an issue, the administration deals with it swiftly. There are several clubs. However, only a select few do actual activities. Of course, everyone's experience is different, and I am grateful for the chance to receive a decent education with minimal drama during these angsty teen years.
I like that my school always has friendly competition between the classes and a majority of the people are friends. One thing I wish that my school has is more clubs and diversity. Also, I wish there were more classes that focus on the arts.
There are a lot of extracurricular opportunities available at Flora High School. There are a variety of clubs such as FCCLA, FFA, Drama Club, and Science Club. A wide array of sports are also offered at Flora. Sports included, but are not limited to, are basketball, baseball, volleyball, and football.
If I had to go back to high school, Flora would be my first pick. The teachers and staff were always supportive and very helpful. Student life was also enjoyable. Almost every student loved going to the sporting events to cheer on their Wolves. Overall, I would choose Flora High School if I had to do it all over again.
The teachers at Flora High School have amazing communication skills. There isn't one teacher that I would feel uncomfortable to approach. They are always available to help the students and to listen to them, whether it's about homework or other school related activities.
When the school is threatened, whether anonymously or directly, the school is filled with policemen that are determining whether or not the threat is void. Drug tests are also very common and are completely random, so it is difficult to avoid them. So, overall, this school's health and safety policies are adequate, but not top of the line.
There are plenty of clubs available, but none of them challenge us to participate in society. I myself do not participate in these clubs because I do not feel that they benefit the community nor myself.
One of the main things that I love at this school is the involvement in the pep band. I am in band class and, because of this, I play at every single basketball game that is at home. It is really fun and I believe that we are one of the best bands in the state.
The teachers at my school are available long before school begins and are willing to stay afterwards in order to help you with something that you're struggling with. They all teach well and the classes have advanced appropriately according to my grade and level of education. Overall, I am very pleased with how well our teachers treat us and how well and consistently they teach us.
My school is very last name based and who you're parents are. It's very biased and doesn't give kids who don't have wealthy or community involved parents a chance.
The teachers at the school are pretty good. There is some variety of classes, and the teachers are mostly qualified for the courses they teach. The teaching styles range from a liberal take on teaching, which includes doing several projects, to a more conservative take, which is pretty much notes and lectures.
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The school is somewhat old, but the rooms and facilities are still decent. The school has one large and one small computer lab, two laptop labs (that sometimes work), and an iPad lab. Most of the classrooms have a projector or Smart board, and some of the teachers have an Apple TV.
My school really doesn't have much diversity at all. It mostly is white students, with very rarely any difference of sexual orientation. Most of the students attend the same church youth group, so I would say that the majority of the students are religious.
The focus on sports at my school is pretty much football and basketball (and even more specifically, boys basketball.) Girls sports don't seem that important to the school except for the coaches and players, plus the parents. But I do think that they are fun experiences and most students try to participate.
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