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Flomaton High School is a very prideful school and has the best academics in the county, and is very respected in the town of Flomaton.
I love how everyone is close and you always have someone there for you regardless of what is going on. I would like to see some improvements in the school itself. New lockers, bigger classrooms, more technology. Any of these would make for a great school. Aside from these things, Flomaton high school is great.
Flomaton High School is a wonderful school with wonderful teachers who help prepare the students for the future and for college. This is a wonderful school
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For my four years that I have attended Flomaton, I have love every single minute of it. The staff wants each and every student that attends Flomaton High School to be an successful individual and to succeed in school and in life. The only thing that I would change about Flomaton is how we should have art class and a cooking class. We have many talented students here and I believe that we should be able to express ourselves.
I liked Flomaton's atmosphere, there may have been drama here and there but that's at every school. The students really care for one another. The teachers helped anyway they could, they also were great teachers too. I had so many great memories there at that school. I loved playing volleyball and basketball with everyone I played with and the coach's were fabulous to me also. I grew close to the coach's in both sports along with some teammates who are now family. I will forever cherish my time spent there learning and making lifetime friends. But, now its time for a new atmosphere with new learning and new people.
I absolutely love Flomaton. I moved here in the 7th grade and I have enjoyed every minute. The teachers and staff are amazing, our principal is amazing, there are plenty of sports programs and clubs to be in. We are encouraged to do our very best in every thing, and our teachers will take the time out of their days to help us succeed. Our principal is an amazing math teacher, he also helps keep us dedicated and prepared for our future. We have the highest ACT scores in our county, and we are some of the more respectful and responsible students. I am currently a cheerleader and Miss FHS and I am in honors classes and multiple clubs. I could not be more honored or thankful to support and represent such an amazing school. And since I’m a Junior, I am about to face my last year at Flomaton and I know, without a doubt, that I will miss it dearly. FHS is a great school and I would recommend it to anyone!
I went to this school from sixth grade on. It was a great experience. It's a great school for a small town. I would not trade all the memories and experience for anything.
Flomaton high school has offered many subjects to my liking, and many teachers that have encouraged me to be the best I can be.
The environment is so nice and the teachers are well educated and are very nice!! They treat you like you're their kids. They know when to push you to be stronger and already there when you need them.
The teachers are super friendly, the school stays clean, you get a great education, and everyone is like family.
I went to many schools in my life but when I got into high school, Flomaton High school was by far the best. Anytime I didn't understand something or just needed extra help my teachers made time for me to have a one on one mini study session. They didn't tolerate bullying. Everybody on their staff is super friendly and helpful.
Flomaton High School has the best teachers. They prepare you for real life experiences and ensure you can meet requirements if not more. The only change I would like to see at Flomaton High School is the limited space. The school is continuously growing each year but the building is staying the same.
I like the fact that most of the teachers at Flomaton High School genuinely care about their students' education. However, there are a few stubborn teachers at the school who should not be teaching due to the impatience they have with students.
The few classes there are nicely taught.
I wish there were more options.
It has a lot if you actively seek it.
The teachers here are very helpful if you need it.
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There are some amazing teachers here at Flomaton, but there are a handful that are careless and seem to have no orginazation. Some don't care if the students pass or fail, and some don't care what the students think. They'll pile on homework and multiple assignments at a time which is very stressful. And some of their grading scales aren't fair.
There are opportunities for extracurricular activities, but it is hard finding a teacher who is willing to give a lot of time and commitment that a club requires.
The principal of this school makes this school unique. He is an amazing math teacher. He can teach to the brightest of students, but also to the least accomplished of math students. If one way of teaching a subject doesn't reach a student, he will just try another way until he finds how to explain it so that the student understands. He recognizes that there is no one "right" way to teach all students.
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