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I really like that Flippin High school is small. It means teachers have more time to help you one on one when needed most. Everyone knows everyone, we all grew up together. I´ve only been here since the fourth grade, but I have made some lifelong friends here and I couldn´t be anymore thankful. Although, there is one downfall, there is no diversity here. I think that diversity is very important while we are growing up. We should all be comfortable with diversity and most of the kids here are not comfortable with it.
Flippin High School is a great place to go to school. It is very small so that makes it great to make lifelong relationships with other students and teachers. There is a lot of one on one teaching. Being in a smaller school can limit the classes that are available but overall I feel I had a good college experience.
I always felt very safe when attending school on this campus as security measures were very prominent. Our school resource officer made routine rounds of the campus as well as of immediate areas off campus to prevent truancy. Our school recently has built a large safe house designed to hold the entire student and teacher body. We participated in Rachel's Challenge as a part of our anti bullying campaign.
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Our school offers an Interact program that encourages students to give back to their community. This goal is obtained in various ways including The Big Brother/ Big Sister Program, numerous volunteer opportunities and fundraisers. Student Council is made up of four representatives for each grade in high school. They perform many fundraisers to benefit both local and state wide charities.
I feel lucky to have attended what is considered a small school. Many of the students attended together since kindergarten, being taught by some of the same teachers who taught their parents. Living in a small community was beneficial as a majority of the town supported all extracurricular events. This made my experiences with team sports that much more special as we had very large crowds cheering us on. I feel that this environment is a large part of my reasons for continuing my education in a large college setting.
I have found the teachers I have encountered during my years in the Flippin School system to be some of the most dedicated individuals to further the education of their students. They not only have made themselves available after school hours, but have also gone a step further by contacting parents directly for at risk students. In doing this they have assured that truly no student who puts forth effort is ever left behind.
It's not the best school, but it's got a decent academic program attached to it. It could be much worse than it is.
Teachers are very student oriented.
I liked some of the food, but not all of it. They always had two lines and the right line had the same thing on Monday, the same thing on Tuesday. They kept that consistent, so if the other things they had for lunch didn't sound appetizing, you always had the consistent line to go to.
They are very adamant about the school rules. You will get home if you are wearing inappropriate clothing and bullying is not allowed. I witnessed a fight in the hallways and both of the girls got suspended. They do not tolerate rule breakers.
Students are very enthusiastic about their sports. Especially, when we play our rival. Basketball is the main sport that the students get enthusiastic about. Flippin has a great gymnasium for the basketball games, as well.
The teachers actually care about the students. They are very enthusiastic about what they do and they will take the time to make sure you are okay. Every teacher would do what they had to to help a student. They would make they put a smile on a students face if they were feeling down. They definitely go above and beyond.
There were a variety of clubs and organizations for people to dedicate their time to. There was basketball, volleyball, baseball, bowling, soccer, and golf when it came to sports. Some of the clubs were FFA, Science Club, and FBLA. I know there were more. There was something for everyone if they wanted to be included.
When I graduated, I went straight to Arkansas State University of Mountain Home that following fall semester. I was very ready for the task at hand. My college algebra teacher actually asked me where I went to school because I knew all the answers while he was teaching the subject. I had just taken Algebra 3 in high school and it was the exact same information.
I was in a couple of clubs such as Art Club and NHS. There were several other clubs, but I feel there should have been more.
I did have the opportunity to explore different scholarships and financial aid to prepare me for college. However, I think I should have been a bit more prepared for the "real world", such as money-related issues.
The teachers at the high school I attend are so kind-hearted and encouraging. They don't spend class periods lecturing; most of our assignments are done online and this makes learning much more easier and enjoyable. They are very approachable and are always available if you are in need of extra help or assistance.
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I am an active participant of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and I am a state finalist in the Hospitality Management event. It has and is currently offering me many opportunities to expand my talents and improve them. Participating in this extracurricular has taught me valuable, life-long lessons in leadership and collaboration. I believe that these lessons have helped mold me into the person I am today, and I have my adviser to thank for that--for being so involved and motivational.
The options for food are okay. We mainly only have options for sides, which are usually different types of vegetables or fruit.
While I wish we had a wider variety of classes, Flippin High School has recently become a school of innovation. This has done a lot for students who are involved in the program. It helps them to learn skills they wouldn't normally learn at school.
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