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After careful review, our families choice for a private all - girls high school was Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy.
We are so happy with our decision!
My daughter's are thriving at FSHA, on every measurable level. Their FSHA sisters are intelligent , kind and from different walks of life. The administration and the teachers are extremely supportive .
My three girls have been lucky enough to have wonderful educational , cultural, and, global experiences in the past. FSHA is providing a safe haven for them to continue with their pursuit of knowledge . Their guidance counsel is always available to answer any questions and the principle of the school really cares.
Flintridge Sacred Heart is the right choice !
The community is the biggest part about why I love my school. Following that, the amount of opportunities and the variety of roles I am able to take part in are also what makes it great! I was able to be part of the religious leaders, the sports and arts programs, and even student leadership roles. And throughout it all, I made many connections and friendships.
My daughter has truly flourished at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy. The entire staff and faculty are extremely supportive. We also love that school is academically challenging, but in a warm and welcoming environment. It is also a gorgeous campus with clubs and activities that can satisfy its diverse student body.
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I am a senior here at Flintridge Sacred. I feel very prepared for college and have had a great experience at an all-girls high school. I loved playing various sports and made great friends. It is nice because girls are able to challenge themselves academically and be involved in other extracurricular activites. There are mainly options ranging from all different sports teams, (some of which are non- cut so everyone can play) great theatre and performing arts, and club and leadership opportunities. If you are unsure, schedule a tour and you can see the great environment and positive atmosphere firsthand.
Attending Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. Every teacher and administrator is there to personally meet your needs and is willing to help each student at all costs. I believe it has prepared me greatly for college by learning how to manage my time and various research projects.
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy is located on a very beautiful campus, and it's nice to have such a beautiful to offset the fact that I'm in school. Overall, academically, I am very satisfied with the curriculum and classes. As students we have a lot of options of classes to take and there is an array of regular/honors/AP classes for almost every subject depending on where you want to challenge yourself. School spirit is definitely present, and while not everyone participates it is completely up to each person how much they want to be involved inthe community here.
Ever since my very first day of school, I fell in love with the school. The community was the biggest part of my decision, as every single person welcomed me with open arms. It seemed as if I was meant to be there, with people from all sorts of backgrounds. The teachers spend time to strengthen my skills when I'm struggling or they even become your personal therapists. The girls of all grade levels become your sisters and best friends and the happiness daily is contagious. The school has so many opportunities for me to learn and grow as a person, and I feel that I certainly have become a woman of faith, integrity and truth.
Overall we had a very good experience with this school. This school prepared my sister very well for college and set her up for success in life.
It was, academically, a fantastic and challenging environment. I was given opportunities there that most high schoolers--and even adults--never receive. The community felt like a family. Unfortunately, this school is far too expensive for the average person to afford.
As a current college student, Flintridge Sacred Heart prepared me thoroughly for my academic experience after high school. I was able to develop as a leader and a woman and learned about the various facets of religious life through it's unique faith-based perspective.
I loved my experience at FSHA. The girls are very driven and focused on their future. There are groups of girls who party and are less focused but there is also girls who are very passionate and academically motivated. Some of the teachers are outstanding but others are very sub-par.
It was a truly unique experience to live with your peers as a minor for 4 years. The international students got to live in the same building for 4 years (or less if you transferred) and get exposed to numerous events around LA. By living in a dorm with peers, students get to learn how to manage themselves in terms of time, money, and academics. It is basically like living in a college dorm, except there are a lot more restrictions. By the time the student graduates, they are mentally well prepared for their college dorm life, and other wonderful adventures waiting for them.
FSHA is truly a hidden gem in La Canada. I love attending here, because I know for sure that I am being prepared for college. The classes are rigorous, challenging, and fun. Teachers are always willing to help, even coming before or after school to ensure that you are fully grasping the material. The facilities are top notch, with a recently remodeled art center, and fully redone classrooms, equipped with mobile desks, new air conditioning systems, and dry erase walls. There is also a familial aspect to FSHA--the community continually strives to make everyone feel safe, loved, and respected.
A fantastic community that aims to create women of faith, integrity, and truth. The teachers and faculty work hard to prepare you for college and truly want you to succeed. Personally, I was nervous about attending an all girls high school at first, however, after graduating I know it was the best fit for me because it helped me build confidence in the classroom and find out what kind of student I am. I'm hyped for college because I definitely feel prepared. Go tologs!
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy was and always will be a home. Every high school has it's ups and downs but if I could go back I wouldn't pick any other high school to attend. The sisterhood and community on the hill are truly unique and I wouldn't trade my 4 years there for anything.
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy is a wonderful all girls school in La Cañada Flintridge, CA. We have two daughters that have attended and one going to start and all three love the school. They have learned, grown and become wonderful young ladies due in big part to this school and its teachers and administration. It is a loving and nurturing environment, not only for the students but for their families as well. The academics are rigorous and they are well prepared for college. The college counseling dept. is amazing and the counselors teach the girls how to get the applications done, with very little parent involvement. The girls make great, life- long friends and show respect and an amazing sisterhood towards eachother. We have nothing but great things to say about FSHA and we are proud and blessed to be a part of the community there on " the hill"!
I am the grandfather of a FHSA junior and have been on campus for athletic and arts events as well as Grandparent Days and have been impressed each visit. The administration and faculty are welcoming and have created a learning atmosphere for the girls. In attending classes with my Granddaughter, I have observed the learning process in action, very effective. I am proud she will be a FHSA graduate.
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As a grandmother of a junior granddaughter, my involvement over these past three years has been most favorable. While her studies last year suffered, due to her approach, the support afforded her was extra ordinary. Her education with class availability, excellent teachers, and extra curriculum will give her the preparation needed to excel in her further education. I am proud of what Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy is accomplishing for my granddaughter, as well as her classmates.
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy's students are the ideal bunch of young women, supporting a culture of respect, love, and friendship. No girl need fear the opinion of another, and no girl need feel alone.
The problem of FSHA lies in its administration. The largely old-fashioned and backwards principal, vice principals, and teachers only preach feminism, self-empowerment, and creative freedom. In deed, the students' attempts to express themselves by wearing hijabs was suppressed. Girls are encouraged to enter in the local beauty pagent, yet no competitions in which the school participates that promotes scientific advancement or rewards for creative talents other than posing for pictures and riding in parades. With regards to their students most in need, pregnant teenagers, victims of discrimination within the school, and those suffering from psychiatric disorders, the administration's responses range from neglect to suspension or expulsion.
I absolutely loved going to an all girls high school surprisingly. There's something about not having boys around that brings out a teenage girl's true personality and opinion. This allows for girls to simply be girls. Also, as it was a very diverse community, everyone was consistently exposed to different worldviews, and even though the school itself is Catholic, I have never been to church and sat in classes with different religious backgrounds and faiths and there is just such a respect for one another. I loved it here and have visited multiple times in order to thank my professors for preparing me for college so well.
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