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Flintridge Preparatory School Reviews

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The people are really friendly and take school pretty seriously. Great campus! The school really wants you to be prepared for college. The food is tasty and there's a wide range of options. The location is nice and close to other food options and stores in a residential area.
Flintridge Prep is an elite school with the top teachers in California. Every class is informative, fun, and unique, and the teachers genuinely love to teach. However, as a result of their highly paid teachers, Prep falls behind many other institutions in terms of facilities. Fortunately, the school is working to correct this with massive construction projects, such as the newly completed Atrium and upcoming Collaboration Building. Prep has also succeeded at establishing itself as one of the top schools in the country, while avoiding the cut-throat academic climate of other schools. Prep students love to learn and are extremely intelligent, but don't fixate on GPAs or stress over test scores. Everyone at Prep is there for a reason, so everyone works to create a truly amazing high school experience.
By far, Flintridge Prep is the best school I could have enrolled in, though this is not going to be the case for everyone. The environment is highly proactive; even the 7th graders take up leadership positions. It's fairly small, which has both pros and cons, though for me the more personal interactions with faculty easily make this a benefit.
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Flintridge Prep is beyond outstanding. The faculty members are intelligent, engaging, and supportive. Classes are interesting, fun, and students are nothchallenged and supported. Its just an amazing place to go to school.
Excellent training in communication and writing; encourages students to pursue strengths while supporting any weaknesses; does not teach to the lowest common denominator.
I love Flintridge Prep's sense of community. The support that I've received from students and faculty alike has given me the confidence to follow my dreams and be the person I am today. The food is also great. I would like to see more tangible recognition for activists on campus.
i love it here! its a community where every faculty member and student is genuinely invested into you doing well and support you through the whole experience
I was quite intimidated by the idea of high school but Prep proved to be an incredible, welcoming family. I had a seamless transition into the new environment. I met a group of amazing friends and was able to get to know my teachers on a personal level. Education at Prep is unmatched w/ an intelligent group of faculty who genuinely care about the success and well-being of their students. I was a part of the girls bball team and we made history by becoming the first ever varsity girls bball team to win CIF championships at Prep. This wouldn't have been possible w/out the strong support of our school community. Students, faculty, and parents would all crowd into our tiny gym to support our games. The food is amazing w/ reasonable prices and high quality meals that change every day.
This school has changed my life. My classmates are all kind, articulate and hard-working. We have been academically challenged for the last 4-6 years, and there were many hours of hard work and quite a few sleepless nights, but it is quickly becoming clear that Prep has left us more than prepared for academic and professional success after high school. The administration is very personal and responsive, and the faculty bend over backwards to help us. The food and grounds on campus are incredible, and the athletics programs- despite the size of our school- produce driven and inspiring competitors. The college counselors are dedicated to making sure you end up in the place best suits your aspirations. As an academically focused kid who has found time to play three varsity sports and develop an affinity for performing arts over the last four years, I would recommend this school to anyone who is intellectual, passionate, and (most importantly) well-rounded.
As a recent alum of Flintridge Prep, I can attest to the benefits it’s left me with. I am currently attending my #1 college (thanks to college counseling) and Flintridge focused on finding all of my classmates a college that fit us and wasn’t necessarily based on rank. I love Prep because of their spanish program that took me to Nicaragua and spurred my interest in public health (which is now my major). The teachers truly love their students and their jobs which is why this school is particularly unique. They want you to succeed and they push you to put in the hard work so that you truly are prepared for college. My freshman year began with a smooth transition and I feel capable in taking on my course work as a double major with a minor. Prep left me able to study independently, be professional, speak in public, thrive as an individual, and how to write a good email to my professors (a rare skill I’ve been told). I love this school, I really truly do, and I was there for 6 years!
I loved my time at Flintridge Prep. The teachers are amazing and really care about their students. While the academics can be challenging, the teachers are there to support you and I never felt like I was under too much pressure. The food is good. I made some really great friends here and the student body is very friendly.
Prep is a second home to me. The sense of community here is so grand, and I consider all of my friends, teachers, and mentors as family. Prep strives to offer its students a well balanced life, with rigorous academics, competitive sports, a wide variety of clubs, and overall immense student involvement in the Prep community. The campus is small but beautiful, which is what makes such a tight-knit community. The teachers here are the best, super intelligent but also really cool people. Oh and food here is soo good. Love you Prep.
I have been at Prep for several years now, and I still feel a whiff of disbelief when I arrive on campus each day.
I think it should be said that the faculty and staff at Prep are often overqualified for their jobs. They are all brilliant, and more importantly their communication skills are impeccable, which makes them both great at teaching and fun to be around. Each and every one of them cares deeply about their jobs and their students. It is an infectious positive attitude that I haven't seen anywhere else.
I don't mean to say my time here has been easy, and obviously no school is perfect. But there is a successful energy shared by everyone on campus that I have not experienced anywhere else. Prep reminds me of a small liberal arts college more than it does a typical high school. It still feels a bit surreal whenever I remember that this is the place where I am spending my last years in grade school.

I graduated from Flintridge Prep over ten years ago, but I reflect on my experiences there frequently and attribute much of my current happiness and success to the positive environment the school provided me during my formative years. The teachers are incredible and care deeply for the students; many are still some of my greatest mentors in life. The students are highly motivated but are far more cooperative than competitive. The opportunities we were offered were numerous. I loved my 7th-12th experience at the time, and my opinion has only grown even more positive through the years.
Loved Prep, especially now with the benefit of hindsight. My education was really top notch and I met some of the very best people in the world there who are my lifelong friends.
Flintridge Prep has been a wonderful place to go to high school. I have had few bad teachers, and the curriculum is designed to be challenging but still allows for a degree of creativity. The campus is beautiful and very well maintained, the food is top-notch, and the school clearly puts a lot of effort into making the students feel comfortable. Deans and administration are accommodating, understanding, and invested in making the student experience the best it can be. Teachers are equally as friendly and open to accommodating students' needs. Overall, I have had a great experience at the school.
As a current student at Flintridge Preparatory, I would call the atmosphere welcoming and safe. I enjoy coming to school everyday to learn, and the teachers motivate me to try my best. Graduating next year, I am excited to enter the world of college, mainly because Prep has prepared me so well academically and mentally. I would say the only drawback to Flintridge are the sports programs, but they aren't as "bad" as people call them. We have a 3 year CIF XC team and our baseball team won CIF 2 years ago and made it to the finals last year. At Prep, the main focus is on academics, but that doesn't mean we don't have fantastic athletes, actors, artists, etc.
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Flintridge Prep is an amazing school that has offered me an unforgettable high school experience. I have grown so much intellectually and as a person since my first step on campus as a freshman. I have gained many new friends and built relationships that I hope I will carry for a long time into the future.
An outstanding school with superb teachers who care about their students. Athletics and the arts at Prep are also great.
I am an alumni of Flintridge Prep, and I absolutely loved the experience! The community is wonderful- teachers are passionate about their respective fields and will definitely go out of their way to help their students. The students are all very supportive of one another, and despite the academic intensity of the school being pretty high, you never really feel like you're ever competing with anyone.

One thing to keep in mind is that Flintridge Prep is mostly about academics. Students do have other non-academic interests such as sports or performing arts, and Prep certainly has extracurricular programs to meet these interests. However, if you are pretty proficient in an extracurricular activity and/or want to pursue it in college, you are better off looking outside of Prep for proper training in your field of interest.