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Flinthills High School Reviews

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So awful. I wish I could go back and beg my parents to move to El Dorado High School, so I wouldn’t have had to have such a crappy life
A great school if you’re not able to read or write, they won’t teach you, but you won’t have to struggle because they’ll pass you anyway.
The worst 13 years of my life. Mediocre education, but the bar was set so low, everyone could make it to senior year.
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This school is absolutely horrid if you’re a POC, or are not from here. The people in this community are racist, and don’t care about your well being unless they know your name. The education is awful, ad most kids who graduate barely make it in college because they’re ill-prepared for the real world.
I liked how the school is small and everybody knows each other very well. I don't like how there isn't a wide variety of courses available though. I know all of my teachers very well and are friends with most of them. The administration has an open door policy and is very welcoming. This school is very family oriented and opening.
I like the student teacher relationships here at Flinthills. It seems that everyone has a place at this school and no one is left out.
They are fine... new teachers have really helped
Plays and Arts are great... wish more would participate in sports to make them better. Coaches could spend more time on stepping up the teams.
I love the small town feel of this school.
The health and safety of the school are both great. i can honestly say I have never felt unsafe in the school. The health is also great however, since the health got better, I have to admit, the school lunches don't taste as good!
I have been involved in extra curricular activities ever since I have been here. They are always fun and always free. Most are sports related activities. however, there are academic and other groups such as theater.
The school has always been accepting of me since I showed up. It seemed like the students really went the extra mile in order to make me feel welcome and at home from day one. The teacher were no exception either, they did all they could to help me succeed and even catch up on things I didn't understand.
The teachers at my school are very engaging in real world issues. They seem to understand the way the students operate. Technology is a big use in the classroom. However, it doesn't seem that the tech gets in the way of real life communication between students and teachers, which is a good thing.
I enjoy this school a lot. Mostly my senior year though. This school has a lot of diversity compared to some of the schools around us. The theatre department is amazing and also the athletic department. We have had a great teachers that have pushed us past our limits. I would choose this school again because I couldn't imagine not knowing some of the people I've met along the way.
The teachers are very hardworking, friendly. There are a lot of new teachers though, who lack experience. Regardless, they do everything they can to help their students.
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