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FRA is a close-knit community of friends and family. Targeted lessons and and a great atmosphere. Athletic events are also super fun!!
Flint River is a family atmosphere where learning is fun. I have attended FRA since 4K, the parent involvement is second to none. There is hardly a stranger that ever steps inside FRA we welcome everyone with open arms like FRAmily. Not once in my many years at FRA have I ever felt unsafe at school or any school sponsored event.
Flint River Academy is a very Family friendly school. Everyone is treated like family. The students that leave FRA are very well prepared for the college of their choice. Flint River is a place that challenges your Mind, Body and Spirit on a daily basis. As far as sports are concerned, this year alone we won the State Football Championship at the Varsity Level as well as the CTeam Level (3rd-5th grade), our baseball team finished runner up in the State Championship. And out Basketball team is currently in a fight for the Region and State Championships. We are FRAmily!
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I had a good experience when I was there, 3 years ago. However there has been a huge change in the school since then.
The teachers were the best thing.
Most of the buildings are kinda old.
There was some bullying in lower classes. Students liked to get together and party. Everyone was pretty safe in general.
Teachers were pretty cool when I went there.
I wasn't quite good at studying when I left.
There were a lot of volunteer opportunities and different sports.
It has its flaws, but I have grown to love the school. It's like a second home. We're all just one big dysfunctional family.
Most of the teachers go above and beyond to do everything that they can to help their students. Some lack in providing help for their students and don't really go far enough to explain. They are all very kind.
The actual building are behind the times. There are several leaks in the roof of the gym. The high school is a tin building. It isn't very safe. The best/newest building is the middle school. It has cracks above the doors.
We have a police officer on campus during the school day. As far as bullying, it is very rare to have an actual fight. It's mostly verbal bullying. Although there is no school nurse, our office administrator is like a second mother. All of the teachers are ready to help and the counselor is there 24/7. It's a loving environment.
The administration really cracks down on dress code. There are some things that aren't handled correctly, in my opinion. Bullying and things of that nature should be more important than a shirt-tail not being tucked in.
With such a small student body, everyone is given the opportunity to do try most every sport!
Upon applying, the student must undergo an entrance exam with the counselor. The counselor must receive all previous school records and a few references. The new family fees must be paid and the tuition contract signed. Overall it is a very easy process and not selective at all.
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One of the great things about this school is how much the teachers genuinely care about the students, and the small class sizes allows them to provide that extra attention. Recent faculty changes has also brought a new enthusiasm and high level of experience and certifications.
New administration in 2013 and 2014 and discipline has really improved.
Very safe environment, minimal bullying, police officer on site, excellent safety plans, regular drills.
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