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While the academics were rigorous and the teachers were knowledgeable about their subjects, they had no support for students with learning disabilities and even less support for students with physical disabilities.
Incredible faculty. Great school for both academics and sports. A diversity of strengths for well-rounded students that simply can’t be matched by other private schools in Northern Virginia. Students genuinely support each other, even after they become alumni. It’s not uncommon for alumni to return from prestigious universities to share how well the school prepared them for the academic challenges ahead. Also, the robotics program is literally world class!
For the the price, outcomes are not consistent. The grading is subjective based on family $$ and influence, + certain political factors which are not recorded.
I agree you cannot expect a kid to go to the IVY league because you spend 2x!! that of State U as they have to perform. However those that perform at a high level do well. BUT they not enrolling at HARVARD, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Northwestern, Duke regularly.
Most kids go to colleges where you don’t need to spend extra $42K. Does not compare to Potomac HS outcomes.
The kids come out more polished than public schools and more clean cut.
BUT there is Trump rhetoric influence growing. Several incidents have been communicated. I suspect it will happen more frequently.
The arts, be who you are and “Follow your dream” are important but so is a career that pays. Critical thinking future leaders that can function in the world of AI, machine learning and new industries
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Too expensive, no qualified math teachers. My son was a college drop out. I do not recommend this school if you are poor, totally a waste of money. Also not to forget the administration is rude and unqualified.
Fantastic learning environment, very impressive college prep process. Enthusiastic and supportive teachers, involved parents. So happy we chose FHS!!
Transferring to Flint Hill half way through high school I felt as if I had a very easy time transitioning into the community. All of the students and teachers welcomed me with open arms and were always there for me when I felt lost or confused. After my first day at Flint Hill I knew the school was going to be a safe place where I could further learn and grow as a student and an individual.
I absolutely love my teachers. The laptops and other amenities make the price tag worth it in my opinion. They seem to really care about listening to students, especially about ‘big’ issues like lunch menu.
Honors/AP classes are challenging enough and prepare you for higher-level courses. College counselors are very helpful in preparing for university. Not enough focus on the arts, though. Hopefully that will change.
I liked the small class sizes and how involved the teachers were. They also have great sports, arts, and theatre programs.
I like how close I get to the teachers. I don't like some silly activities we have to do or guest speakers we have to listen to.
They prepared my children for life after high school. My wife and I could tell from day one that the teachers where completely invested in making our children positive and productive people as well as students. When dealing with the not so perfect situations I was extremely happy on how the administration handle things. The fact that mandatory participation for all students in some sort of sports team or association pushed our kids into more positive situations then if they hadn't done anything.If I had more children there would be no question where and whom would educate them.
Academics were tough and appropriately rigorous. Some teachers were fantastic some seemed clueless at best and downright racist and creepy sometimes. There were a number of incidents on campus that should have resulted in an expulsion but they were often hushed. Bullying is out of control. The students are exorbitently rich and pick on kids who aren't. They try to give off a vibe of being progressive and a top performer academically but it just doesn't cut the grade.
Good experience, helpful teachers. The facilities are nice and they help prepare students for hs prep and sports
Flint Hill School does a great job on preparing students for success in college. Many classes (especially APs) are rigorous enough that students become accustom to the level of work required at universities. Additionally, Flint Hill offers great support for students with Learning Disabilities. I was in the learning center program, and, without it, I would be able to do the quality of work I am currently engaged in. Another great facet of Flint Hill's curriculum is its senior project requirement. All seniors are required to work for two months at the end of their senior year and present their experience. I worked at the Georgetown University Linguistics Department as a Research Assistant, and, as a sophomore in college, this work experience is still a key feature of my resume.
Good school with high standards and great teachers. Some priorities are placed on certain sports teams over the others but overall the athletics are good and important to the community. Diverse community and honor code is very important. Decent food, great technology use.
The school offers so many different clubs and organizations to join and if there isn't one that is at the school it is very easy to bring it onto campus. Most people in clubs and organizations are committed to them and show a lot of interest.
At Flint Hill, the teachers are honestly some of the best people I have ever met. Most of them not only taught me the subject material but real world applications. They go beyond the definition of a teacher and were more of mentors for me.
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Wish the community was more accepting
It will cater to the individual student with accelerated classes or ones with more attention.
But often times not fully optimized.