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We love so many things about FHES! The staff, the PTA after school activities, the engagement with the community! It feels like a safe place to learn and grow, where kids can be themselves and find things they are passionate about (like the community gardens!)
We have had a fantastic experience at Flint Hill. The new principal is energetic, organized, and involved. I love that she is knowledgable and applies evidence-based programs schoolwide to help students advance and broaden their horizons. Flint Hill has a high teacher retention rate; neither of my 2 children has had a teacher who has been at the school less than 5 years. Teaching is a high turnover job, and I think the fact that teachers love the school speaks volumes about the administration and environment. It's a positive place to be and communication with parents is fantastic. My son receives special education and has an IEP. The principal personally attends every IEP meetingfor him, listens, observes, and provides feedback. I think she does this for all special ed students- it's remarkable given her busy schedule. The special ed team has really helped my son to grow and blossom in the classroom. Flint Hill is the best!
Flint Hill is an incredible school! The new principal has been amazing since she stepped foot in the door two years ago. She is thoughtful and welcomes interaction with the parents. To promote communication between home and school, they livestream PTA meetings on Facebook. I can do my laundry and listen to the video feed at the same time!

My children have all had incredibly positive experiences with their teachers, and we look forward to next school year. If you are looking for a school that is innovative and inviting, look no further!
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Just love the wealth of information that we receive on a weekly basis. My children come home eager to share about what they learned, their teachers are approachable when I have questions, not to mention the administration and office staff. Very proud to be a Flint Hill parent. If I could give this school 6 stars, I would!
Flint Hill recently got a new principal. She is enthusiastic, approachable, and the kids love her! It seems like the staff appreciate her warmth and bubbly personality. She clearly understands instruction and what kids need. I've noticed more parents in the building this year than in the recent past. I hope we are on an upward trend!
Struggling students don't receive extra help, the teachers just push those students through and give them grades they haven't earned. This school has a ridiculously high turnover rate with its teachers also. I believe the school's office has a sign up on the wall that speaks volumes about the overall work ethic and attitude of the school. It says "THREE REASONS TO BECOME A TEACHER: JUNE, JULY AND AUGUST."
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