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I've reviewed my child's homework and what I see is poor academics that lack challenge and rigor. Students have gone without staff to hold class so the school had students do their grounds and gardening for them instead of having class. I've noticed a good deal of self-congratulating about the school but little to show in terms of achievement and proficiency. As this site shows Flextech's math and reading proficiency is incredibly low and much lower than the state average. The graduation rate is about 60% yet they claim to be preparing students for life after college. How do they get into college when they haven't even graduated high school? This schools sets up students for being mediocre, or lower, and tells them to feel good about it. If a school is a participation trophy Flextech is it. I would not send my child here again.
FlexTech High School is a school that is designed to teach and prepare students for life after college. Unlike tradition schools that run off memorization, FlexTech is project based which allows you to pick and choose how you create your project and actually makes learning fun. The staff really inspire students to take a look at what they want to do with their futures and experiment in different classes, and see what they truly aspire to be. Teachers are not only there to tech you, but they truly have an interest in getting to know you. You become exceptionally close with your adviser who is a teacher there to help you stay on tract for school, someone who you can talk to about what you are feeling or going through. There really are no strangers, everyone knows everyone and there are no "groups", we all view each other as equals. We truly are a community at FlexTech, we all grow from each other and respect one another.
We have the minor basics like our doors locked and a few security cameras for our parking lot, but other than that we have almost nothing. It would be nice if we had a school nurse or at least an ice pack. We don't have ice packs, gauze, a defibrillator, large bandages, and other first aid supplies.
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We don't have a lot of extracurricular and lack about all types of clubs and sporting events.
My school is unique because unlike the average public school with a couple thousand students, we have only about 230 students. This makes for a better and more comfortable learning environment as the teachers can have more one-on-one time with a student. We are also project based learning. This means that we don't get assigned tests and don't have tests/quizzes(except for of course the state mandated tests). We focus our learning on making projects the entire time that are engaging. We have Fridays off which is amazing.
My school is very great because the teachers are actively listening to me and new ideas are always accepted. I couldn't think of a more friendly environment for me to work in with caring teachers and students. Most things here are technology based and is fully project based learning. The project based learning is very helpful because it makes it easier to understand to criteria and we can focus on one big goal instead of multiple goals in the form of homework.
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