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Fletcher Middle School Reviews

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My daughter was graduated from Fletcher Middle School days ago. She enjoyed the study, friendship, and tennis team activities very much. I was working on the school PTA board and had a chance to know more parents. The parents are warmhearted and willing to spend time on all kinds of students activities.
Fletcher is the smallest one in the three Palo Alto middle schools. Fletcher has about 240 graduate students every year, and each of the other two schools JLS/Greene has a double number of the graduate student.
At this school, the clubs are run by students, and supervised by teachers. Students choose a topic of interest and create the club atmosphere and activities. Teachers sometimes give guidance, but mostly just supervise the area.
My children are extremely happy to be at this school. Some of their favorite classes are Industrial Technology and Art. They come home and excitedly share about each day at dinnertime. This did not happen as much before going there.
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The teachers all care about the students. I have the unique perspective of being a parent AND a teacher at the school, and so I see both sides of the school experience. I know the teachers care deeply for the students and they work to develop professionally and collegially. As a parent, I have been involved in activities at the school and have seen my kids absolutely blossom from their experiences at Terman. I am blown away by how much they have changed for the better as a result of coming to Terman.
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