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I liked that the classes are smaller then you typical high school that way the teachers can focus on actually teaching the student what we need to learn and being more involved with them. We have very good sports which is what are town is mainly know for. What I wish we had was for activities and more school spirit and functions.
The academics are a joke, with the exception of about three classes. Most of the teachers blatantly don't even try to teach their classes. There are some awesome teachers but it's a shame they're stuck in a school that doesn't care.
Amazing school, nice people; but overall could use a little work in terms of teachers and hard work.
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Good small school where everyone knows your name. Not enough funding resulting in some cut backs. Also wish there were more extracurricular activities offered.
Fletcher High school has only a few options, because of how small we are, but also because we don't have much money that is funded, or because current teachers aren't good at planning ahead of schedule, or communicate with members of the club/organizations. Our two most popular clubs/organizations are; FFA and FCCLA. FFA is about livestock, farming, and agriculture. FCCLA is about cooking, community, family, etc., but the one organization that I enjoy the most is FFA our organization is like a family, we have lots of fun and always listen to what we are supposed to do. Whether we're going to a livestock show or going to a state convention, we're always having a good time.
Enough for a small school
Best school I've been in due to location and the quality of learning
Small town so everybody is involved
It's about average as all other schools I've been to. I enjoy this school because it's not as crowded so there is more interaction with the administration.
As a cheerleader who competed in naitonals and came home a champion, the fans never really took us seriously no matter what we did. Fan participation was pretty average, if the game was good the fans were better but other than that it was pretty average.
The food is pretty basic. We have very talented cooks that seem to really enjoy what they do. They tried to incorporate more and more healthy food as I went through my years there.
Is a nice looking school, they do their best to keep it clean and looking professional. The teachers are willing to work with you, if you are willing to put in effort yourself.
The school is so small its kind of hard not to be involved in stuff everyday. Peer pressure is there but it is always by a certain group of people. Usually every new students find their "group" that they fit in and will hang out with
We don't have a school nurse but they try their best to help us with whatever we need done.
The after school programming is good when it comes to sports and clubs. Many different students engage In after school activities and are passionate with what they do
They are always willing to help you if you are in need and will do whatever they can to have your excel in what you do. They always seem to know what they are talking about and are very well educated in their subject.
The sports get all the attention, not academics.
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There are a lot of racist students and bullies here
The school funds the sports mainly.
Not the best discipline system at all.
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