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Fletcher academy is a really good school to go to and there are a lot of opportunities to achieve what you are looking for. One thing I would love to see change about it though, it is a very restrictive school, maybe in the years it could become a little less strict
I enjoy Fletcher Academy mostly because the people around me are great people. They are friends they I will keep for all of my life. I would like to change the strictness of Fletcher. They care more about the rules, than the academics.
Fletcher Academy offers a lot of trips to multiple locations around the world and in the US. However, I would like to see some of the old-fashioned conservative rules be done away with.
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I graduated from Fletcher Academy class of '17. The teachers are absolutely phenomenal and want to see the student succeed in every way possible including tutoring one on one. Class schedules were designed to prepare for time management in college between work and classes. Athletics consisted of intramurals during different seasons and Olypmics at special times. Throughout the year, different special events would happen in which families were encouraged to participate and check out the school. This along with regular parent involvement in fundraisers kept them involved. Outside of purely academic courses, artistic and musical classes were also offered. Music would be the epitome of the school as the majority was involved with music and the select chorale was a nationally recognized group.Overall, if being prepared for ACT and college, and developing lasting friendships is of value, Fletcher Academy is the place to go.
Fletcher Academy provides a family like atmosphere where you learn about God and building relationships. Fletcher prepares you for the world not only in an academic way, but also a spiritual way
I believe Fletcher Academy is very good school. They strive to work with their students, and the faculty teacher ratio is amazing. They have very high standards for their students and the workload is very high, which makes it more of a challenge. Also, the work study program is great.
It's been over a year since I graduated, and I still miss some things about this school. One of my favorite things about FA was that no matter who you were, or what your interests were, most people would accept you. There seemed to be a niche for one was left out.
We have a nurse on duty and a sick room for those who are contagious. Bullying is not an issue in our school. We have keycards in order to get into the major buildings, which keeps unwanted people from walking in and out of our school.
There are no real clubs, but the athletics department always has intramurals we can participate in.
At this school I feel I've gained a new family. In public school I didn't get the opportunity to experience dorm life, but now that I have I can say that it has been a blessing. The girls are sweet and kind, and I know that they will be there for me now, and for the rest of my life. The teachers are phenomenal, and I believe they truly care about their students. I would choose this school over public school again because it has shown me the true meaning of friends that care.
Our teachers are real and professional. There are no cuss words, bad behavior, or putting down of a student by any teacher. They are respectful and care about our future. They are very knowledgeable in their subjects, and are willing to help students whenever they can.
Solid citizenship, occasional discipline done.
Highschool is simply a stepping stone to college.
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