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My experience in Fleming Island High School has been overall very good. I feel like I have been treated with respect and worthiness and I value that a lot about this school. No school is perfect and yes it has its flaws, but there is no other high school I would have been as honored to be a part of like Fleming Island High School.
I like the atmosphere of Fleming Island High School. It is centered around family and personal connections and that is the principal the administration and staff focus on exercising and they do it quite well. They have great academic programs and strive for their students to succeed. I do wish that parking was dealt with in a better way and that the restrooms would be more reliable but I understand that has much to do with funding and circumstance which the administration has little control over. Overall the school is great and strives for the best for their students.
Being a part of FIHS' AICE Program really helped me prepare for college. It was rigorous and challenging. There were lots of tests but fpr the most part it was fun being a part of it. I love challenging myself and all the teachers there really helped me achieve what I want.
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I was very fortunate to attend Fleming Island High School, particularly their AICE Program. The teachers in this program held academics to a high standard and effectively prepared their students for future success in college. I would have incorporated more involvement from guidance counselors with the students, maybe enforcing up a meeting each semester. However, due to the large campus population this would mean hiring more counselors. I think this would allow students to ensure that their efforts align with their future goals.
Fleming Island is a great high school because it has many great academic programs. Also, the teachers are very nice and caring about every student's education.
Fleming Island High School was, in my opinion, the best high school I could've attended in my county. They provide students with many academic options such as enrolling in Dual Enrollment, AP, and AICE classes. We are a very competitive school. The dress code is a bit excessive for Florida weather. FIHS remains clean and is just like every other good high school.
As a current student, Fleming is very much a typical high school experience. The school is nice, though not very diverse, and I've never had any issues with academic opportunities. Overall, an enjoyable highschool.
I'm in AICE so I'm in a different community than the average student so for the most part, I enjoy my teachers and my friends but there's a serious problem of drugs
Overall, I've loved my experience at FIHS. I was lucky to be able to participate in the AICE program, which gave me access to top tier curriculum, teachers, and testing. I don't know how the school is for students in regular level classes, or AP classes.
The AP program offered here is one of the best thanks to the hard work of all of the teachers. All of my siblings and I have gone through that program and have been greatly prepared for college due to the hard work of specific teachers. This school really wants to see its students succeed in what they are best at whether is be soccer, musical theatre, or marching band. I was there during the many tragedies that struck Fleming Island over the losses of fours students in my time there and we all stayed united. We might have not had the best football team but we did come out on top of everything else because the students, teachers, and coaches all work so hard to make this an enjoyable place even after all of the loss we faced.
The teachers and coaches are awesome. The principal is tough but young at heart. He takes the time to know the students. The campus is beautiful and everyone is friendly.
I like the campus and staff of Fleming Island High, however, the student body has problems and troublemakers that I feel could be ironed out with the right disciplinary action.
Fleming has a espectacular enviroment, i felt welcomed when i transferred and people are very nice, assistant principal are like a friend and are friendly, the school is calmed and the education is really good also.
What I liked about this school is the teachers were nice and cared about their students. What I would like to see change is how some of the teachers showed students that they were unhappy with their job and made it seem like they didn’t want to be teaching students.
Fleming is a great school if you are interested in sports or the AICE/AP program but not so much for anything else.
The school has nice administration and are always there to help you. Also the teachers are extremely caring and teach very well. The school has tons of functions for all the students to connect with each other.
Fleming Island is a great school with incredible teachers. They all want the best for each student. They really show that they care about us as individuals and take the time to give extra help. I have participated in many clubs and sports and had a great experience with those as well. Being a member in numerous clubs has taught me a lot, allowed me to meet different types of people, and given me many opportunities to volunteer. Participating on sports teams has taught me so much about being an athlete and what it means to be a team.
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Overall, teachers are helpful and guidance is very supportive. You have the ability to create your own path through the variety of activities and clubs.
Most teachers are willing to help when needed, although they are very time-constrained.
I loved being involved in the arts at Fleming Island, however kids outside of the arts aren't the nicest people. I wish the faculty and staff would do more to make the campus a positive atmosphere.
Fleming was a great school when it came to academics but the overall environment was not the best. Other schools would call us the pharmacy due to the amount of drugs that kids at Fleming did or sold. I personally had a pretty good time and was not involed in the whole drug problem. I was able to graduate with about 40 college credits due to the multiple AP and Dual Enrollment courses that were available to take on campus. Overall I enjoyed my experience at Fleming Island High School.
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