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I liked the people i went to school with. I would change certain programs as they do not prepare you for college.
I attended Fleming County High School for 4 years. The school is more worried about sports, receiving money, and their reputation rather than getting qualified teachers who want to see their students succeed. The thing that I most enjoyed about the school were the teachers that actually cared about their students and tried to help their students succeed.
I do not feel that my experiences in high school has prepared me to be successful in college or in life. There is a "good enough" attitude found through out the school district. As a result, many students have developed an "average" mindset causing them to stop striving for success. For example, the grading scale makes it impossible for students to fail. Even those students who deserve to fail can still make it out with the same grade as someone who tries their hardest. Simply putting your name on a paper will give you a 50%.
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Most teachers make you feel like they actually care. In some classes you don't feel like you're actually learning you kinda feel like they are just barely talking to you and expect you to know everything, not all the teachers do that though.
Our school is a mess with all of the teachers and the classes. My whole junior year I didn't have a chemistry teacher. Our class had a sub teacher the whole year and we had to do our class work on line.
Overall teaching is okay. Some teachers have different ways to teach than others and have different methods of approach. Most teachers are available if help is needed but there are some that could care less. Also teachers somewhat care about how a student is doing but it varies teacher to teacher. Teachers communicate vey well by telling us what we do wrong and telling us when we have a test or an assignment due. There are some teachers that grad faster than others or take longer to process or find time to post grades but most teachers at least attempt to stay on track.
If I had it to do over, I wouldn't attend my school. I used to love softball. It was my passion, but that was very quickly taken away from me because of the softball coach. Unless you are a favorite or have the right last name, then chances are you wont get to play.
There are many teachers in my school who go above and beyond their teaching needs and also when helping out the students. There are also teachers who act like they could care less and just teach their lesson and go on without explaining into detail or helping out the students. Overall, they are all pretty helpful teachers.
Its terrible, the entire school is only worried about whether or not the male students are reaching their goals. There are students who get bullied and the bullies get away with it.
A large variety of the teachers at fleming county high school do not care about whether the students actually learn anything or not. They can not go one day actually teaching the classes, they always talk about things that dont have anything to do with the subject. For example, in my English class the teacher would teach for about five minutes then either start flirting with the male students or she would start gossiping with the girl students.
It's average for a small school
Some teachers are very helpful with clubs and organizations
Did not enjoy this school.
Administration is not adequate and teachers only teach what will be tested.
There's some stuff to do.
Its not the best at all.
Teachers don't try their hardest.
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I wasn't brought to attention how important the ACT was until my junior year. Our school doesn't inform us of any information that would be benefical to us. I love our MNA program and the dual credit college classes.
Favorite experiences include trying to win The Spirit Cup Award among classes, Designing and Painting classroom murals, and proms. What makes our school unique is it's agriculture department, since Fleming County is an agriculture community. This department raised an sold enough soy beans to purchase a combine. I would choose this school again because I would not be the person I am today because of the direct influence from several of my teachers.
They do what they can to give the students and teachers what they need.
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