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Flatonia Secondary School Reviews

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The school is very involved and cares about your grades as well as the extra circulatory activities, such as FFA and sports, even though they are limited. The school is small so there aren't as many choices for classes. The teachers make sure you learn and also have a safe working environment.
Flatonia Secondary School is a great place if you’re looking to expierience the “small town” life. Although, if you’re looking for anything otherwise your expierience could be less than pleasing.
I went to FISD since I was in pre k, the staff has always been nice. Within the past 4 years or so they started drug testing and it's a pain. So is tucking in shirts but yeah.
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This school is very safe and secure is definitely not neglected in the least bit, the safety of the students on and off campus is a primary goal.
There are not many clubs at this school, I can count them all on one hand. That is my major issue with this school, diversity is not encouraged, so most people do not branch out from the status quo.
I loved the school, everyone was close almost like a family. The teachers and staff all cared about the students like they were their own child, and the students communicated extremely well with the teachers and all do well in their academics.
It's a small school were a class size can range from one student to twenty in a class, so teachers can are very interactive and close with students. They are almost like family the relationship between students and teachers is great, but this can hinder growth if a teacher is not challenging or is being lenient on students.Overall the teachers are great and communicate and help the students a ton, but not enough of a challenge is presented.
Personally I believe we don't get enough food during lunch.
Our school has no bullying what so ever, we all positive influences on each other. Our doors are all locked at all times just for safety reasons, nothing has happened yet, but you can never be too cautious. The school nurse helps you with any issue you have, she's just a call away.
Our school doesn't judge, you can walk in the door and be greeted with a smile. We are all one team, on or off the field. There are no cliques in our school.
We just got a new cafeteria, gym and we are in the process of getting new science labs. Our school is very well kept up.
We have marching band, and we go to contest in the fall, that gets a ton of support from administration. We have FCA (Fellow Christian Athletes), Student Council, Prom Committee, Journalism Club, 4-H, and FFA, in which all listed our school supports and pushes us to higher quality.
Football season gets the biggest crowd. We have basketball, track, softball, baseball, golf, and cross country.
It's okay. I have off campus lunch so I haven't eaten in the cafeteria in a good while!
Our teachers are great people. The staff we have now has brought all of us so far and taught us so much, that there's no doubt we'll be successful in the future. Even some alumni come to our teachers, still, to ask then for help.
We have a great learning place for us and it's only going to improve.
Almost everyone participates in some extracurricular activities. Whether it be the interact club, band, or sports, someone's always doing something.
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I haven't rode a bus in a long time but when I did, I loved my bus driver! She was sweet and always had a smile on her face.
Our policies are pretty well stated all throughout the school, so we all know what's going on and our punishments or consequences if we get in trouble.
This just started about 2 years ago, but we now have drug testing at our school. In order to do ANY extracurricular activities or even park on campus you have to pass. I think it's a great thing we have. It keeps kid out of trouble and betters their lives if they have/want a future in sports or band.
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