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The community, education, and athletics are all top notch. The administration runs everything very smoothly. Collectively, it's a well run school with rigorous educational courses.
I have been at Cornerstone since Kindergarten. The teacher are able to form close relationships with students and provide extra help where needed due to the smaller class sizes. Students are encouraged to participate in multiple sports and stretch themselves in the classroom. Due to such small class sizes, students make a much stronger bond with their classmates that lasts past the walls of school.
I don’t really enjoy the environment at Cornerstone Christian Academy (CCA). What I do enjoy is that the teachers are very good at teaching the curriculum we need to know. They also do a lot of one on one work if I need help understanding. They genuinely care about me as a person. I also have appreciated the Christian-based curriculum, which has allowed me to grow in my faith. However, the student environment is terrible. The classes are segregated based on popularity. Many children get excluded if they are not an athlete, pretty or handsome, and rich. I would not suggest this school to anyone who likes a positive social environment. While these dynamics can exist in any school, the smaller class size makes these issues more difficult to deal with. I would like to see CCA grow so that there are larger class sizes allowing students to have more diversity from which to choose their friends. A larger population would allow a larger selection of people with whom to socialize.
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CCA has great culture in a small school environment with incredibly-coached athletics and rich curriculums.
The teachers are invested in the lives of their students and want to see them succeed. Its also a great place to learn and grow in your walk with Christ.
I liked Cornerstone Christian Academy. The teachers there truly put in all their love and effort into the students, and it shows through the academics and graduation percentage. The experience helped me grow as a person and establish Christian values for myself and figure out who I am with the help of the caring staff and faculty. I was able to develop deep relationships with certain teachers and students that I know will last far beyond high school. I am very grateful for the experience.
I feel safe, but there isn't alot of bullying info or protection. Probably the biggest problem at the school.
Not enough choices. No one really participates.
It is small so some things they do really well but there aren't alot of options.
Some teachers are really knowledgable and are excited to share in interesting ways. Others just spout information and I could just read it from the book.
The teachers are not only passionate about educating students, but truly love each student and do their best to support them academically and beyond.
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