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The teachers are very helpful in providing well thought out care for students and student who need extra help. The students are very well taken care off throughout each class and through the school day like lunches before and after school. The administration is determined to make relationships with all the students and make an effort to know each and every one of us. Our sports are great learning experiences because we have amazing coaches to teach young kids like us about maturity, leadership, and integrity.
Flathead High School has such a warm environment. From the school colors to the caring and kind teachers. My favorite part of flathead is the traditions we hold. This school has been around for many years, which grows lots of cultural school spirit.
I loved the teachers and the environment they would always try to create. They cared. Every teacher would always bring a smile with them to every class. I was always able to communicate and connect with. The environment here was that of a family. When you walk through the halls you can always see people saying hello and starting conversations. My experience here was amazing. This school is a model to other high schools for all of Montana and the nation. The only change I would make is we need better resources and facilities. Luckily we are in the middle of some renovations to our school, but in all honesty, this building is really old and needs a lot more help.
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Flathead has a great learning environment and had given me a great High School Experience! My teachers are all passionate about what they do and are always ready to encourage me to push myself. Overall, the best thing about Flathead is the positive energy from staff and students. Everyone is encouraged to honor both themselves and other students. Everyone is taught the importance of having personal pride and school pride where everyone does their best for themselves and the community. I have had some amazing experiences from Flathead and would encourage other people attend!
Flathead High School is a very welcoming school with a lot of school pride. I would highly recommend continuing school life there. Most teachers are always willing to help, which is very nice.
While Flathead High School is certainly not diverse, nor the best school for sports, it is a decent place to go to high school, especially if taking International Baccalaureate classes. While there are teachers who are certainly sub-par at FHS, the IB teachers are probably the greatest group of people you will meet in terms of wanting you to learn and helping you achieve success in life. They have truly helped me in preparation for college, and despite some arguments, they will be the best group of teachers I have had.
Flathead was a great place to go for sports and academics. Overall the school is working on the structure in order to make it a safer place for students to learn.
Flathead High School is an institution of education better than many others in a multitude of ways. The teachers are very considerate and well versed in their field of study, and the office faculty are the nicest I have ever met. The student body itself is a mix of personalities, some complimenting each other and some not. Despite their differences, they are very kind and enjoyable people who all have the goal of graduation. I am confident that if you asked any student at Flathead High School if they would rather go somewhere else, they would respond that there is nowhere else like Flathead High School. The classic feeling, the kind teachers, and the welcoming student body are things that no other high school in Montana can compare to. Flathead High School is the definition of imperfect perfection. I would even take it a step further and say that Flathead High School is the definition of home.
The community is really nice and the teachers are very supportive and helpful and there is always someone to help. There are lots of different types of classes you can take especially in the art programs and there are honors and IB classes as well which can go towards collage credits.
Flathead High School in Kalispell, Montana is the better of the two high schools in Kalispell. In fact a large number of students transfer from Glacier High just to be at Flathead. A relatively unknown part of the school, which is also a part of the other high school in Kalispell, is the agriculture program. This off campus school is located on a over 100 acres of farmland and riparian area. Here students are given the tools for higher education as well as what is necessary to immediately enter the workforce. The agriculture center is one of the best parts of my day and if I could be out there for all classes I would definitely give more stars. However good things don't come without their flaws, administration feels removed from their students and I have had bad experiences with faculty. Overall though Flathead High School is not a terrible place to go to school and if you move to Kalispell you definitely want to look for property in the Flathead district.
Flathead High School has offered me amazing opportunities through the International Baccalaureate Program. Teachers are highly educated in their field and are eager to share their knowledge with their students. Unfortunately, this school does lack a racially diverse population. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at FHS but am very excited to begin my new educational journey at college.
Flathead High School is your typical rural country school. However it suffers from a student body being larger than the facility itself, and from poor development in technology. the teaching staff however is exceptional, and the IB program has really helped to prepare me for college.
Flathead High School is a great school that is at a disadvantage simply because of the population of the area. While some components of the school are amazing, some are definitely lacking and could use some updates. Overall, it's a great school that provides an environment for successful learning as well as a positive, formative high school experience.
Flathead High was pretty average overall. There were some wonderful teachers that inspired me, and there were some that actually made me feel pretty terrible. I was just happy to survive it and move on.
Tradition and school spirit is always high. We take great pride in our sports, activities, clubs, and education. Everything we do at Flathead is educational and the students can learn in some way. Our sports are hard working and determined, just like the individual students who make up the teams. The teachers, staff, and coaches work extremely hard to teach the students in ways we wont forget.
Awful experience. Administration cut valuable faculty members and it is such a shame because FHS seemed wells on its way to returning to the prestigious school it once was. Athletics are starting to make a comeback, if politics weren't so heavily played I'm sure Flathead would thrive.
Flathead High School is a great school in a pretty small town. I wish it had more technology classes for those of us interested in computers, but over all it's a good school for the basics and even has several career type courses in medical and architecture.
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I really enjoy being at this school. Their are so many program opportunities and the teachers are amazing. I love all the plays the acting classes put together as well as the art classes and the school clubs. Their is not much bullying that Ive seen and the teachers are helpful when you ask for help. The classes are also interactive and fun to be in.
I loved that the students were friendly to one another and people being friendly to one another was emphasized and striven toward by faculty.
Great teachers and offers the opportunity of the IB program. Only wish that the program was more accepted by colleges.
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