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Flat Rock Community High School Reviews

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I have had a really good experience in Flat Rock Community High School. I like how most of the staff asks us students about our lives outside of school and check in on us from time to time. The one thing I don't like are the few teachers that are jerks to the students year round no matter what the student does to get on their good side.
A great small campus school with a few AP classes and Dual enrollment. I participate in the vocational program, which helped me grow in my personal life and in my academics.
The atmosphere at FRCHS was great. I made so many great friends. However, there were several teachers who did their job fairly poorly. The clubs and extra curriculars available were limited. The academics were good, but did little to prepare us for college.
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My experience at Flat Rock has been great so far from Band to NHS, to staff is helpful. I have friends here who are like a second family to me.
Flat Rock HS is a good place to be. I have many great teachers and the staff is very helpful. It is not a big school, which makes things even better.
Overall the school isn't bad but it seems they're letting a lot of things slide. So more stuff like drugs and bullying is starting to go on in the school. It's not bad right now but I feel like it's going to. They have some amazing teachers but some are bad.
Flat Rock Community High School offers a ZERO tolerance for bullying. Students feel safe and secure while in the building.
Flat Rock Community High School offers a number of extracurricular clubs and organizations. A few of the clubs and organizations students can join that are offered here are: Student Council, The National Honor Society, DECA, The Flat Rock Rams Renaissance Leadership Club, a reading club, and many more. Students are offered the ability to create new clubs and the administration is always available and willing to help.
What makes this school unique is the tight-knit community. Nearly everyone in the school knows one another and are all willing to help one another. Parents are engaged with the activities of the school and offer support beyond an individual level with their own child.
Teachers at Flat Rock Community High School (FRCHS) work very hard to ensure the students here learn as much as possible and to prepare them for their lives after high school. The grading policies are fair, consistent, and are constantly being examined to better them as much as possible. The teaching styles of teachers vary, but most work to accommodate the students in their current class. No one class is the same as another and the teachers at FRCHS listen to the students as to how they learn best. The teachers at FRCHS are very knowledgeable, even in courses outside of their area of expertise. Teachers are always willing to work with students to meet if additional instruction is required while working to best accommodate the student. The lessons are informative and keep the students engaged.
What makes this school so unique is that it's so small. I love that about it. It gives it a very comfortable environment.
The lunch ladies tended to be older and got frustrated with teens easily, the lines were very long for the short lung period we had, and the food wasn't appetizing at all.
The principal and the assistant principal were very in tune and communicated about school policies daily!
Again I played softball and basketball during my four years here and the fans were great, the equipment was great, and the facilities were excellent but the coaching staff was very political and favoritism was the downfall for our teams.
I had a handful of amazing teachers while I attended Flat Rock, Mrs. Mose taught art and was the head of the NHS she put up with a lot of stuff from us art geeks but she was happy to do so. Mr. D was the best biology teacher, he made sure everyone understood the topics for the day before they left the classroom.
I played softball, basketball, and was an active member of the National Honors Society. The athletics were sadly very politically based and if you didn't know somebody then chances of you making the team were slim to none.
I was set for college, I found a job in August prior to starting college, and I was still living at home unfortunately.
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Flat Rock is more titled as sport school, I feel like all the money went to the sports and less to other art, or academic aspect organizations. My school was very focus on all type of sports activities and games.
The Adminstration and Policies, were quiet good. The principal and other staff, did their top best to enforce it.
I was part of a lot of organization throughout high school, from student council, DECA, the art club, Yearbook. I feel like you have to have the motivation to be involved
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