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Flat River Academy - Middle/High School Reviews

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Grattan Academy is a great school for those who want alot of one on one time with teachers. you walk in and are welcomed by staff ans students. you will never feel out of place and will feel safe while learning.
everyone involved with the school tries to enforce rules and policies.
I worked very hard to get good grades and I still struggled with some of the subjects.
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There is limited involvement because of how few students are enrolled in the school.
Every teacher I had by graduation I wouldn't change because I learned so much especially from my science teacher, by far the best teacher I've ever had in my academic career.
Offers the bare essentials: girls and boys basketball, girls and boys soccer, and girls volleyball.
Its not the best but it is far better than the surrounding schools and the teachers know your name and your face.
There are many exchange students, it creates a diverse atmosphere.
I thought that I was pretty prepared for college until I went to my first class and was overwhelmed with the amount of information my professors told me "I should have learned this or take in high school."
Grattan Academy High School is an amazing school to attend to.There is little to no Bullying. Teachers have two sides, their academic side and their friendly side, which overlap constantly. Every student, teacher, and staff at Grattan Academy will always be there for you in your time of need. I've been to Grattan Academy all my life, and it hasn't just become just a school to me, it's my home.
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