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At Flasher High School, the teachers are knowledgeable and the courses and interesting and engaging for the most part. The workload is manageable.
Flasher High School has security cameras and requires visitors to sign in to the office before entry into the school. The school does not have a nurse. I think the school is fairly safe.
The classes offered at Flasher High School are interesting and engaging most of the time.
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Flasher High School is focused mainly on Football, Volleyball, and Basketball. Other extracurriculars do not get as much attention or support compared to sports. In fact, Flasher lost their FFA chapter last year.
A majority of the parents at Flasher High School are good parents and good examples and role models for their children, but like in every community, not all of the parents are so good.
I like a majority of the teachers at Flasher High School except for a select few. The math teacher is specifically the worst. He is very mean and grouchy. He is excellent at explaining math but has a very poor attitude. He is not easy to approach and I am hesitant to ever ask him questions.
Every school has their drama and Cliques but I love the small town vibe from everyone. I would hate going to a big school and not know who is all in my class.
Not many of our students participate in after school activities because of their farm and ranch life style. Because they have this type of lifestyle their after school time is devoted to be at home. I have been lucky and been able to participate in after school actives such as Volleyball and I loved it!
Our school is a small town school. Everybody knows everybody and most of their family.
Our school lunches are absolutely horrible. No one at all in our school is obese, most of us are actually underweight. Yet we are forced by laws and regulations to have tiny portions. On top of that our cooks really aren't the best, and a lot of the students just end up throwing their food away. We are offered about three courses every day, a main course, a fruit , and a vegtable. For someone picky like me... I go hungry a lot.
My school is extremely tiny, with about 250 students in Kindergarden through Senior year. This limits our options in a lot of areas. We have absolutely no variety in our school lunches, if you don't like the main dish that the cafeteria is serving that day you are going to be hungry all day, especially when you factor in the portion control regulations. Our school also lacks opportunities to participate in a variety of sports. We only have volleyball, basketball, and football, with the option to be bussed to a nearby school to participate in their track and golf teams. Lastly our school doesn't offer as many courses or as difficult courses as I would like, for example I want to minor in visual arts when I go to college and my school doesn't even offer art classes, and our school also does not offer AP classes.
Feel very safe in the school. We haven't ever had any problems. Teachers are strict in how you talk like "I'm gonna Kill you", when just joking around, can get you into detention.
Even though its a small school and everyone knows everything about you, its a great place to get friends and an education all at once. You will never be bored or feel alone at school. There are so many opportunities that the school supplies you might just have to step out of your comfort zone a little. There is a group for every body
The food is not the best but what school is? It keeps getting better every year because of the student feed back so thats good. But if you don't like what is being served you can always take a salad instead. We usually have the lunch menu available to us on the website the weekend before its served, so if you don't want a salad or the meal you can always bring your own lunch.
The main club is FCCLA. It is a great way to get involved in the community and to give back. We do a lot of fundraising and activities with the school. Even if you are not a member of FCCLA you will more than likely be able to participate in some of the fun events. We try to include everyone so they know what is all about. If you are a member you will be able to go on a couple trips during the school year.
Most of the school is very supportive in the sports you choose to take part in. Whether its volleyball to football, to track; you will always have fans to cheer you on. Even in high school where Phy-Ed is not required there is still a class available to you. We are co-oped with a surrounding school in track, golf, and football. We have at least 3 fun days during the school year that allow us to be active. During the winter we play hockey on the ice rink and during the summer and fall we will play Football or Volleyball inside or outside it is our choice.
The dress code is reasonable. Shorts have to be as long as the end of your fingers at your side. Tank tops are usually not allowed unless 3 finger width straps. On really hot days they are okay with some things. The only thing that most don't like is the cell phone policy. We are working on being able to use our cell phones at lunch but so far we haven't been lucky. The cell phone usage has been getting better where they allow you to use them for school related projects, during class.
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The school is a great place to meet new friends and also get a great education. Of course we do have our cliques but once you find the right group of friends school is great. You never feel alone or left out, there is always someone to get along with. Very accepting no matter who you are, or what you do.
The school is small but good. They offer classes to suit everyone. They Band, choir, and chess are few of the extras that are available. If you like to be hands on; a shop class is provided, or for the more picture type there is yearbook available. The academics also stretch to being in the kitchen for specialty foods, or being in the lab to dissect a frog in biology. Teachers are very understandable and welcoming.
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