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Flanagan-Cornell High School Reviews

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Really great teachers that are always there for you. Out of all of them I can't really complain about one.
Flanagan-Cornell High School has been a very good attribute in my life that will soon be changing. I feel as though this high school has been what helped me form myself into who I am today.
The staff would always help when needed, new teachers were brought on every year. Sports teams were not impressive, new coaches 3 years in a row.
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My experience at Flanagan-Cornell was a positive one. The teacher's were great. Every teacher helped any student with any help they would need. I had a lot of one-on-one help with any assignments or problems I may have had. I think Flanagan-Cornell High School is a good school for anyone who may struggle and need a one-on-one interaction for academic help.
Sometimes you'll find a door that has been unlocked, which freaks me out a little, but that's rare.
The extracurricular activities are very diverse, you have everything from scholastic bowl to basketball.
I love the teachers here. The science teacher is also the reading teacher for 7th and 8th grade, the LA teacher is also the social studies teacher, and the math teacher also teaches classes in the high school. They are all the greatest you could ask for, and really care for the students. Small town Illinois really can't get a better school.
Many of the teachers in the school are approachable and are willing to give students help when they ask for it. Our teachers are very knowledgeable in their field of education.
The athletics at this school are wonderful. Everyone that wants to play on the team can and will. They also will have playing time. There is a weight room available to anyone who wants to use it. We have a full-size pool and also a cardio room connected to the pool.Towards the end of the year and before every break we have dodgeball and volleyball tournaments created to get students involved. These events are totally optional but a lot of people are involved.
The academics at this school are wonderful. They are challenging enough so it pushes you and the grading scale also challenges you. All of the teachers know what they are talking about and they teach the subject very well. All of the teachers teach the freshman how to study for tests in their class. I believe that this school does a wonderful job with academics.
The food that is provided at my school is very healthy. We have a planned lunch everyday and students have the option to eat it or being their own lunch. We have to have a certain amount of fruits and vegetables everyday. I would say that the food is fairly decent.
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