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Great school for children with moderate learning disabilities or that just need more one on one experience. This school has changed my daughters life. No other school public or private was understanding of all the testing and medicine changes we had to go through but, FSCA was. She also participates in Art club and Karate that they offer and we will soon be adding our youngest to the daycare. The address on here is incorrect. They are now located off Legion Rd.
In the past 3 years Flaming Sword Christian Academy has changed our lives in the most incredible way. My son went from being suspended from public school on a regular basis in 1st and 2nd grade to now being in AG classes 2 years ahead of where he would be in public school. His diagnoses are Aspergers and ADHD and we have significantly benefitted from the teaching methods and the firm love that all of the staff we have interacted with at FSCA embody. My son loves their karate and robotics after school activities. Their low teacher to student ration (1:10) provides the hands on approach my son needs and in my opinion many problems have been prevented due to this. All 3 of our teachers have been truly wonderful and even though it is a 40 minute drive each way (2 hrs 20 mins per day of driving for me) it is well worth the time.
This school used to be wonderful, but has changed drastically over the past couple years. The final straw for us was receiving a copy of my child's IEP which literally states that he needs to "grow up," - despite medical documentation of multiple neurological and psychological disorders. Supposedly this school is meant for children with neurological disorders, yet parents are often told the problem is that their children are not disciplined enough, or that children are being "coddled" or "babied."

Just last week, a High School student (not my child) who had a conflict with another was ordered to "suit up and fight it out" with the other student or face expulsion. When the student refused to fight he was withdrawn.
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It was a good school in terms of safety, there was no bullying or drugs or violence, and the education is better than what you'd get in most public schools. The school, however, was boring, small, ill-equipped, very little activities or community involvement happening, etc.
Extracurriculars are rather dull and average. Not every engaging.
I like this school mostly because of the instructors, but overall this school is average or even below average. Yes, kids do get a good education. But there are few activities or happenings going on. Almost no field trips, and nothing fun really happens. Seniors don't get a senior trip, nor do they even get class rings. Little is provided in this school when it comes to accomodations, such as no cafeteria, no sports, no gymnasim/auditorium. This school is boring and lacks many things.
The teachers genuinely care about students almost as much as their own children. They don't see their job as just a ticket to a paycheck. Considering this school pays teachers less than they do at public schools, you know these teachers can't be in it for the money. They go out of their way to make sure the students understand the material they are being taught, and the teachers are humorous and know how to take a good joke. They are very understandable.
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