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It is a very average high school, it isn't a bad high school, but it isn't the best either. It seems that some of the teachers aren't exactly qualified to teach the classes that they are
I love the acceptance of flagstaff high school! No matter your race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political opinions, or beliefs you are accepted and appreciated and celebrated! We have a variety of clubs that allow everyone to participate in something that they love. We also have an enormous arts program, performing arts and art art alike. I do think that the spirit at our school does need to be improved. Perhaps with better spirit days or fun school wide activities. But overall it’s an amazing school.
I’d like for counselors to be more involved, or all faculty in this case because they don’t do anything for any student who isn’t white. They basically choose the students they want to see event when you put in 5 request at a time. Teachers could do better with teaching and not just handouts and book work.
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There is a variety of great programs at FHS. There are teachers who really care. The math department struggles in instruction, but as a whole my time at FHS was enjoyable.
I am grateful for my time at FHS. I loved the school and had a few teachers that changed my life. I feel like sports were overemphasized though, at the expense of the arts, but that is slowly changing.
Flagstaff High School had excellent school spirit, awesome sports and clubs, and wonderful teachers (for the most part). The STEM was not the best, and it doesn't adequately prepare students for college level STEM courses.
I like Flagstaff high school because of all of the difference choices for classes you have. I wish they had more clubs, though.
Flag High is an average school with a select few above average teachers who are far worthier than the salaries or public school environment. There is one exceptional teacher in each of their designated fields of teaching and it was those few teachers that made an otherwise mundane experience worth attending.
People are generally kind and respectful, teachers are helpful and genuinely care about students' happiness. Programs are well taught and beneficial. The only thing I didn't love was them cutting tattoo quotes and the somewhat strict dress code that stifled some individuality and creativity. It's also rather difficult to get in contact with a counselor or meet with the principal, it takes over a month.
My first year at Flagstaff High School happened to be my senior year. It was a very rough adjustment moving from a California education. I would like to see a little more effort from the counseling department because it can take over a month for them to see you and help you.
I actually went to Coconino High School and it was a pretty average experience. my favorite part was being of the Coconino High School Dance line. The academics at the school could use some improvement and students could use better preparation for college and the workforce.
Flagstaff High School is one of the best schools I have ever been to. I was an international student when I attended it. The students were really nice and accepting and the environment was really diverse. Each year it hosts at least two international students from all over the world. We all got along pretty well. Moreover, the principle was such an amazing person. He and the counselors did their best to help me and the other international students adjust and live our American experience to the fullest. The teachers were also really helpful throughout the whole year. I even did sports and I took part in different clubs after school. All I can say is this school is amazing.
I liked the teachers at flag high; Most of them are very willing to work with you and want the best for you. The administration and counselors, on the other hand, are extremely difficult to work with. We have several clubs available for students and our sports teams do okay for the most part.
The teachers are excellent. I felt more challenged here, but I also learned more here and was well prepared for college courses.
I feel it could be improved but overall I liked the experience at Flagstaff high school. The school food was far from good but it was public school food so not really any better it could get. Many kids smoked outside of the buildings but not many teachers did anything to prevent that from happening and I hear today that they still allow it which is insane.
I like that you can take different classes. Like electives and other stuff. I would like to see nothing change to the school it is good on it is now.
Flagstaff High School was the best 4 years I ever had during my high school years. I had become a better person and a leader throughout the school. The school created such a positive appearance everyday. I recommend this school to every student and parents.
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I liked that the counselors prepared us very well for college. They worked very hard to set us up with scholarships and opportunities.
Flagstaff High School provides a safe and outstanding learning environment for its students. The freshmen are especially cared for by teachers, and our schools Link Leaders who are older students assigned to freshmen to help them make friends, study, and get used to life in high school. The teachers here are superb with the exception of several older burned-out teachers whose classes are mostly failing, and some very political teachers who can make their courses uncomfortable for some students.
I loved how Flagstaff High School gave you so many options to help build a pathway towards your career, and had many people helping you get to what you want.
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