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FALA is a great school, the people are wonderful, the classes are small, and teachers are all so involved and invested in what they do. The community at FALA is inviting and accepting, and the academic programs are well-rounded and meaningful. Being able to learn art and dance has been a wonderful experience for me. The only thing I've personally ever had an issue with is the administration. The administration at FALA has tended to not be as keen to listen to what students have to say. Serious complaints and issues tend to go unnoticed. However, I'm hoping that with the recent changes in administration and management techniques, things might be on the road to positive change.
This school gave me an education I could not have received anywhere else. Not only do they have excellent arts and academic programs, they teach their students key moral and life lessons. I have had one of a kind service learning opportunity and participated in many volunteer programs threw my school. I have been able to grow as an artist and a person and get to know my self in new and different ways. My biggest complaint about this school is our out dated facility, though I know that the lack of funding is not really the actual schools fault. This school is excellent as figuring out new and different ways to teach all different types of people.
My experience with Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy was a great one. Even though the administration changed three times while I was there, it always remained to be a good school. I loved the atmosphere there and the friends I made while I was there. I always felt like I was slightly being challenged and could always be my self. There are no sports at the school and lunch you brought yourself, although they had people there who served food.
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At Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy, the teachers make sure to interact with students more personally, to ask them if they need help, and to accommodate to students' individual needs. Classes are often exuberant and enjoyable, as teachers incorporate many methods of alternative learning and hands-on experiences. As well, students have the opportunity to participate in the many arts the school offers. FALA offers: visual arts, including Draw Paint Print, Mixed Media, 3-D Design, and so on; modern, jazz, African dance and others; jazz band, world music, FALA action band, and many more; theater and musical theater classes; and finally, creative writing courses. To be able to participate in creative classes like these alongside AP and other academically rigorous courses provides an exceptional experience and has helped me develop the passions I have today, which include social justice, dance, creative writing, language, and community service.
Fala is a very free-spirited and accepting environment which rubbed off on me. I really appreciated the fact that everyone was allowed to speak freely and not feel judged. The academics are amazing and so are the electives. They have the best art profrmas depending on your feild of art. I was able to juggle painting, dance, and my acidemics due to this amazing school!
FALA has been my home for the last six years of my life. Like anything, it undeniably has its faults, but there are so many incredible things about it. The community of teachers is incredible, their relationships to their students are profound, I had the opportunity to receive an education both inside and outside of the classroom, and the school was flexible to my needs and desires. Overall, FALA is a warm and generous place to be and I can’t imagine the last six years elsewhere.
Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy gave me a fantastic high school experience. I was able to take a multitude of electives and find and explore my passions throughout my high school career. The school does a great job of blending academics and art electives and all teachers are fully invested in the subjects they are teaching. The school holds a unique and safe community where everyone can be who they are and where expression and creativity is encouraged. Beautiful school filled with beautiful people.
FALA was an amazing school, I had a very good experience there. The only thing that I would want to see changed, would be to have sports. There are a wide variety of dance classes, but no sports.
It was an amazing culture and body of people to be around. All artists of different shapes and sizes thriving together in one place creating masterpieces of all kinds. I really enjoyed what my teachers had to share with me and how I grew so insanely in such a creative way. I really came out of my shell here, and owe the person I am to FALA. BEST HIGHSCHOOL EVER!
My experience at FALA has shaped me into the person I am today. The positive environment is easy to learn in and the teachers are passionate about their subjects. However, the administration has been going through so much change for the last four years that it hasn't been as effective as necessary.
Supper accepting high school, with lots of Artistic opportunities. It would be nice if they offered some sports options, but they do have a ton of music, art, theater and dance classes.
In relation to how strong the art programs are, they're spot-on. I've been at FALA ever since 7th grade and I'm focusing on graphite and digital illustration. (Studying vector 2-D animation in my spare time)
I absolutely love the teachers here; they're friendly and informative when you need to know about something going on in the class. Compared to the public schools I traditionally attended, FALA has a diverse range of culture, LGBTQIA+, etc. Many creative people here.
Vendors come here on alternate days. One vendor comes on A-Days & Fridays and another come only on B-Days. In my opinion, the food tastes phenomenal; it's excellent compared to your normal cafeteria lunch.
Overall, I've been satisfied with how my educational experience has been so far. Despite the lack of athletics here, it's a wonderful school and I fell in love with it ever since I discovered it.
Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy (FALA) Gave me a high school experience I never knew I'd be able to have. The community of this school is tight knit and United, as well as accepting and open to new ideas. My entire life arts and music have been very important and having an environment where I could develop these creative skills while also getting a challenging academic career was a dream come true. I was able to have a more personal experience in high school than a large public school; the teachers were able to give more time to helping students to make sure they were understanding content and this was something I didn't think I would be able to have in high school. Overall, I feel so lucky to of gotten to have this diverse, creatively stimulating and academically challenging experience in high school.
This school has definitely changed my perspective of the world and has truly created an amazing high school expirence. The teachers were amazing though towards the end of my FALA residence the administration had made the environment a little more tense and a little harder to function in.
Ever since my elementary school teamed up with Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy for a number of mentor sessions and activities around holidays like Dia de los Muertos, I knew I wanted to attend FALA when I was old enough. I was a creative child who loved dance, music and visual arts, and so FALA was the natural choice. As an alum, I look back on my years at FALA so fondly, I made life-long friends and the skills I gained in my arts classes have been invaluable for pursuing my bachelors in fine arts.
We are a very small school so we do not have metal detectors or anything like that. But I don't need a metal detector to feel safe. Bullying almost never happens at my school. There have been a few incidences but nothing to major. Overall, I think all the students feel really safe here.
We have a lot of different clubs. Many of these clubs put on events. For example, National Art Honor Society puts on a Winter Festival Art Market where students and local artists come in and can sell their work. This has been going on for more than 5 years and the community loves it. We also put on several other events like this throughout the year. We also do events to raise money for girls education. We have raised thousands of dollars to pay for education for girls in many different countries.
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The atmosphere at this school is so welcoming and friendly. I whish I could have gone to this school sooner! At this school, everyone is like a big family.
All the teachers are incredibly supportive and love to help all their students learn. They are all excited about what they teach which transfers to the students! It is an amazing group of teachers and I'm so glad I get to have classes with them.
Most things that are considered Extracurricular and actually a part of our academic program and are necessary to graduate. I love that about this school you are required to experience all academics and all arts to really help find your passion.
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