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Flagler-Palm Coast High School Reviews

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My experience was good. I got along with all of my teachers. The security there is always on scene when there is a bad situation going on. The administrative are really good listeners and they see from all point of views. Advice I would give to others coming to Flagler Palm Coast High School is the school is a good environment. The teachers are very kind.
the school itself is honestly pretty nice they do have like a problem with pests but it is what it is. like pretty much it’s a good learning environment and everything students can be distracting but we’re all kids. the teachers are all mostly passionate and caring but sometimes you can sense the fact that they don’t really care. the dress code doesn’t make sense because if you want your school to succeed we shouldn’t really be taking them out of class to discipline them. the guidance counselor are okay they aren’t really helpful enough. i’m in ib and i want them to be more involved especially if they are my guidance counselors. they are a little more on the strict side about somethings, like they have a great courtyard but we barley ever go out there and i feel like it is a really nice spot to get some work on. my biggest wish though is on dress code being ib is stressful enough now i have to worry about being in dress code after a year of no dress code.
I am in the Ib program, but our guidance counselor is not very involved with us. I love that there are many club activities, as I am in 7 clubs and maintaining a part time job.
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What I like most about Flagler Palm Coast high school are their clubs and extracurricular activities to help engage student involvement. The school itself is very inclusive and has a diverse array of students from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and walks of life. Most of the teachers do take care and pride in being involved in their student's lives and trying to prepare them within their subjects in order to ace the test and move beyond them. It's easy to make friends but you just have to be careful with the crowds you involve yourself in. Overall it's a really great school and I am happy to be apart of it.
As an IB student, being a student at FPC is amazing. The teachers are great and are always trying to improve and motivate the students. I have grown as a person at my high school and have learned many life lessons. All and all, Flagler Palm Coast high school is a great school and learning community.
Really amazing teachers, some not so great. Lots of clubs and activities for after afterschool. Many sports activities to choose from with coaches that have won trophies for the school in their day. I was in the arts program and that is where I really loved spending my time. Awesome and inspirational art teachers that work there. Not a bad school, but also not a great school. They do their best to protect the students that go there and get them ready for college.
It was a great experience going there, they have a lot of clubs and sports to offer and had a great opportunity to be apart of them.
There's a lot of bullying and racism in this school. People do what they want and there's barely security.
At FPCHS, there was a good selection of classes and programs like IB, AP, honors, dual enrollment, and I3. Going into the IB program separates you from most of the school, but sports, clubs, and other after-school activities are still very accessible to any student. The IB teachers are alright. Some of them don't pull their weight with grading and lessons, but the majority are helpful and active in student success.
I loved the fact that they had a dual-enrollment program that allowed me to work on college classes and finish my associates degree before I graduated in the year of 2019. I was not personally in love with the high school experiences.
The school has never done be wrong. The school is average to me, as it has been like any other school I have ever gone to in Florida.It's because of this that I rate the school 3 stars.
Flagler Palm Coast High School is a great school in my opinion and offers an exponential amount of opportunities. It is filled with great staff who loves their students. However, Flagler Palm Coast High School has areas of growth through organization and lesson plannings that can help it to become the best it can be!
For me what i liked about Flagler palm coast high school is the different programs they had to offer i personally am in the i3 program and i'm loving it. you stick with the same teachers for the most part all 4 years which you can get to know them of this time
FPC is an excellent High School that provides all the tools you need to build a successful future. The school provides a safe learning environment and the students are very inclusive
Flagler Palm Coast High School has many programs to explore. Classmates are involved and respected. Teachers are supportive. Im proud to be a Bulldog.
At Flagler Palm Coast High School, like other High Schools, is a place of education for grades 9-12 for students of every ethnicity and religion. The teachers and staff care about each student on an individual level, providing assistance those in need and guiding students to their best possible future.

The entire Flagler County has a dress code, but at FPCHS, there is a greater amount of leniency towards students attire.
I graduated from FPCHS back in 2010 and loved my time there. I have since gone back and everything seems to be the same. Teachers have not cycled through much which I view as a great thing. During my time there, they didn't provide much college readiness and the facility was a bit worn. I do believe they are trying to fix these things.
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So far FPCHS has been an amazing place to learn and develop as a young teenage female. I thought adapting to a new area would be much harder but the people have made it so much easier. I got to make more friends in my sports team, I have the most caring teachers, like Mrs. Hutsell who gives all students book of interest or Mr. Noble who has been the only math teacher I have had to care so much if I truly understand what I am learning, and the staff who are always so open minded about changes the students want to make for the comfort of them and the sensible tone they give students who may have a hard time asking questions or feeling safe. This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I can't wait to continue my highschool journey.
As a new student, I was nervous to go to a new school. However, this school is extremely welcoming and supports students. No matter what I'm struggling with whether it be my classes, college applications, or life in general, the school provides a positive support system for me.
Flagler-Palm Coast High School has many pros and cons. I like how easy it is to take online classes, and how you can get tutoring easily. They have lots of clubs and extra curricular activities you can join. The school has a strict dress code, and it can be a struggle to find clothes that meet the requirements. The school has an equal amount of teachers who care and don't care about there students education.
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