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Five Oaks Middle School Reviews

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Each class I've had all have great and helpful handouts, assignments, and homework that is fairly easy to finish. When entering Five Oaks, your schedule will have three COREs (your main classes, they are always Humanities, Science, and Mathematics), two PE/Encore classes (Encore consists of one of the three classes for an entire semester: Drama, Technology, and Art [You can also take Band]), and a lunch period. You can also take an AVID class, but it requires an interview and not all people will get into AVID.

Thank you for reading this, uhh yeah

-Some sixth grader
Five Oaks was a horrid place filled with children who hate everyone and everything. It mentally changed my daughter over a course of 2 years, she had to change just to get people to not throw her phone in the road to get run over and get it wiped out.Why is there no rating lower than 1 star??? I refuse to let my children go here because my oldest is scarred for life with the things she witnessed at this school, What do you Administrators do all day??Not only that but one of the teachers recorded my daughters class and would make fun of students handwriting. My daughter submitted an important assignment and had to redo the whole thing because the teacher couldnt find it but when she finally got it back there was a footprint from the teachers foot.Do not let your children go here!
Core: math/algebra 1, humanities, science

Electives: technology, PE, art, band, theater

Enrichment: science, math, humanities, english, writing
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I never had a reason to feel unsafe at this school.
Looking back, there were quite a few really great after school programs with free meal and transportation home. I wish I had attended a few.
Students were really accepting and great to be around. Classes were fun and engaging and I learned a lot. There was a very good balance between classwork and hands on activities. Teachers were good to work with and flexible if you needed extra help. If you ever needed help, teachers counselors and administration were always close by.
Teachers have adequete time to start and finish assignments completely. They taught lessons in a very engagaing, interesting and fun way. Teachers were very relateable and most were quite easy to approach and talk to about non school relared things. It was easy to get extra help on assignments.
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