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Five High School is an okay school, it just has a lot if problems with administration and disciplinary issues among the students.
I enjoyed how there were many opportunities to show school spirit. There were many pep rally’s, spirit weeks and chances to show up to football games with school pride.
I recently just graduated from this highschool and it was my time their was okay. I love that i meant people that would have such a great impact in my life, i love how some teacher cared about us genuinely and not just as another pass or fail in their record. I wish they could be more ready for challenges being presented to them. More Prepared. but overall good school.
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The communication at the school was very poor, nobody really knew what was happening most times. Some teachers tried really hard and others obviously hated their jobs and children.
Fivay High School has always worked to make me a better student. I have worked closely with almost all of the teachers there, I am regularly in contact with the counselors and administration, and they are always there to help me with whatever I need. I do not need to see any change in Fivay because I am already receiving what I need from the school, as I'm sure everyone else is as well.
Fivay High School does not meet the needs of their advanced students. The administration pushes the 18 credit program on their students, instead of trying to motivate them to have bigger goals. Their is a lack of support for students and a negative environment. Many classes have over 35 students in them which means there is not enough time for one on one attention from instructors.
Being a senior this year at Fivay High School has been very stressful. The teachers are not the best, there is more than one fight a day, every day.
I like about Fivay High the amount of diversity there is with the influx of new students we received from another local high school that had recently shut down. I dislike about Fivay the way they get important information out to their students, I wish they would do a better job at spreading information to the students.
I was a high school band student. The classes were okay. Made better by some awesome teachers. The school spirit though is top notch.
I think that the certain programs they offer like culinary, criminal justice , nursing, etc is amazing. Im in the criminal justice program there at fivay and i received my 9-1-1 certification through the school. The teachers are pretty decent, some good, some not so good.
Fivay high has had its up and downs In the 4 years that I have been we have had 3 different principals and 3 different on campus officers but every new principal and every new on campus police officer was better than the last on. But even though Fivay is still in the "growing" process it is still an amazing school to attend to. From the staff being on top of their game to make sure that you will graduate and achieve goal that you thought you could never reach or the school holding events that you can participate in to become even more close with your fellow classmates. Personally I would say that some of their class a lacking when it comes to the teachers but every school has their ups and downs with teachers. But I hope that you would go to Fivay and have an amazing time there!
The teachers are average. The admin is average. Most coaches are wonderful except for girls track coach who is a cheater and a lier.
There is always something crazy going on, i want a normal school environment. If you look up Fivay, you see things about sex tapes, and the 2 past corporals who got charged with things. Fivay is that school that looks nice but is not because of the environment and the students. All the good students feel threatened by the other half of the school.
I had a great experience at Fivay. I liked that Fivay has programs they offer such as the CNA program, a culinary program, and now have a program that allows you to be certified as a 9-1-1 operator. The sports, band, and the school spirit makes the school lively and fun. The only thing I would change is how they set up club days and times.
Over the course of my years in Fivay High School, I have enjoyed my experience the most my senior year. The school has gone through three principals during my time. Our most recent principal, Dr. Christina Stanley, is a wonderful person who shows that she wants the students of Fivay High School to become contributing members of society. Dr. Stanley is a great leader that has done a great job aiming her focus on the students. Her examples of leadership inspire me to learn from her wisdom and pass it on to the students I will encounter once I am certified as a Music Educator. If Fivay High School continues in the path it is on right now then it will soon become a great school where everyone will have an enjoyable experience.
There is much to love about Fivay. It is not like any other school. I attended a school in Pasco and switched to Fivay so I could be more at home. Fivay's students, teachers, and staff are so kind and welcoming. The school is new and beautiful. There is nice outside seating and a pretty courtyard. The large classrooms with large windows make it inviting and comfortable to learn. The teachers are also creative in their teaching styles and care for each student.
Overall a good school with good teachers and other staff. The guidance counselors and social worker have been the most helpful people to me personally and, with it's flaws (such as horrible disorganization) it has been a wonderful experience.
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I attend the best high school in the county! The teachers, coaches and administration are 100% on your side. They want you to succeed. Support and helping students achieve their goals is the number one priority at Fivay High School!
I always liked the kind of culture Fivay had, with its overly patriotic falcons mantra about being the very best one can be, and how overly sentimental pep rallies and school news broadcast got with it. The students inhabit this kind of environment with a sort of big sibling complex. Anytime you ask a fellow Fivay Falcon how the school was they would say less than kind things, but if a Hudson Cobra dared say anything bad, they would be up in arms with their fellow classmen about how no school could rival their's in spirit. Fivay is a Pasco county high school that looks like any other, with students like any other, and with like every other school's. But the spirit that resides there seems to be entirely unique to only someone called a Fivay Falcon.
I think Fivay High School is a very good high school to attend because the school is a very good learning environment with nice teachers. We have 45 minute lunches which gives us a lot of time to eat. On Wednesdays we have the opportunity to participate in a "Club day", where we go to a club for 30 minutes either in the morning or afternoon. We are also able to join a good variety of sports and participate in school activities, such as pep rallies and football games.
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