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Fitzgerald Senior High School Reviews

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Fitzgerald is a close family oriented school. We all think of eachother as a part of our families. The education was great they have it where you can go take college classes while in high school and go to different schools to take a special class such as nursing. At the school the teachers think of their students as their own children. They care for your health and for you to succeed. Now they have free lunch and breakfast for those who can't afford it. They have tons of sports you can get involved with and clubs like the multicultural club. This high school being so diverse you learn new things about different cultures and to learn new experiences such as different types of food and dances.
Everybody is supportive and welcoming. It's easy to make good friends and its much fun being there. There are countless classes to choose from and Spartan Bucks for when we need a boost to be exempt from Semester 1 and 2 finals.
Fitzgerald has changed me over the last few years. Sports have gotten more challenging and a lot of bad things have went on here my senior year but we are slowly moving past all the bad and getting better day by day. It is a very diverse school with almost every culture here and for the most part the teacher are very caring and good teachers to the students at our school . I think that the students that are ready for college take the more challenging courses rather than taking the basic easy classes.
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What I like about Fitzgerald is that they care about their students and they have amazing opportunities for students.
Fitz has great diversity. I have met many people that come from many walks of life and thanks to that I have a greater understanding of others. I will also say that the teachers are wonderful. Many of them care about their work and students and want to help whenever they can. However, the administrators do not seem to listen or care too much about feedback from students. I have contacted many administrators and suggested feedback that could make the school better however they fail to consider any constructive feedback. They have ignored not only students feedback but, parents as well. The academics are not where they need to be. I have been in this school system for my whole life and now that it is time for me to move on to college, I feel as unprepared as ever. I have always done good in school and took advanced classes yet, I still underperform compared to average students at other schools. Fitzgerald definitely has to work on and improve college readiness.
I would like to see more respect from some of the staff members. I would also lile to see the sports teams improve in the next year.
I liked the diversity of Fitzgerald's students. I didn't like the limited number of opportunities for advanced students.
My experience at Fitzgerald wasn’t great at first, but then lightened up. My school always have great opportunities for students at school and make sure we enjoy our time at Fitz. Being an antisocial person I can honestly say for the short time I spent at Fitzgerald they were able to help me become more open and use my voice. I will remember my time at Fitzgerald, the students that made my time there great, and the staff members that contributed.
Fitzgerald high school, has teachers that get drained by the children there because the child are like wild animals, then the bathrooms are always a mess, and majority of the time don’t have hand soap in there. The lunches are impossible for someone who doesn’t eat meat to eat because the veggie sandwiches are almost always gone, and there’s cheese pizza and salads only, why is it only those two options but for people who eat meat get 5 different option.
I like how Fitzgerald is very diverse and how all the teachers and staff care for the students. What I would like to see change is how senior council runs things such as senior clothing. I would to to see the clothing before purchasing it and also I would like to be able to have input in the the clothing would look like.
I like the diversity the school has. There are many different backgrounds and many opportunities for all the students enrolled in the school. It is ranked one of the top most diverse schools in Macomb County. Along with the diverse atmosphere students are welcomed and treated equally. There is no bullying issues and if issues do arise the situation is handled quick enough before anyone realizes. Another addition to the school is that it brings a lot of extra curricular activities that help shape students in ways academics can not.
I love this school!! The teachers are amazing, the atmosphere is great and it is an all around great school. I would send my kids here if I could.
My experience at Fitzgerald High School was horrible. Teachers barely taught you anything,and the schools curriculum was horrible. I would never recommend anyone to this school.
My experience at Fitzgerald High School was not that bad. Half the students and teachers are pretty decent. You just have to find the right crowd. The school is just very dark and very prison like. Overall it is a good school and I've made a lot of memories there.
I had a lot of fun here, but some of the faculty such as the teachers weren't always as willing to help as they should. I had one teacher who when I asked her to help me with an assignment she given in class she said to me that I should already know how to do it. She had only spoken about what was in the assignment for about 10 minutes.
Moody administration, from the principal to assistants. Position(s) can be created to promote the "right" candidates. Superintendent takes overseas trip every other year as a so-called "adult supervisor". Ever thought about yielding opportunities to other stuff on board? If you know how to kiss ass, you relative secure on the job. Kids are mostly driven.
I really like how diverse Fitzgerald is because you get to meet and interact with different people. You're forced out of your comfort zone and within the four years I have been here, I've made friends with many people from different backgrounds. Everyone is treated fairly and there is minimal discrimination.
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Fitzgerald has taught me a lot throughout my four years in high school. At the beginning of school year during my freshmen year I was really nervous about high school. I expected it to be a lot harder than I thought of but it was in the middle for me. I worked hard throughout the years and slowly achieved what I wanted. Some of the things I loved about Fitzgerald was the school environment, the teachers and of course the principal. The teachers there always wanted students to succeed and get somewhere in life. They worked hard for us to become successful with a lot of passion. However, there wasn't any bad things about Fitzgerald. I loved it and I learned a lot throughout the years and it made me successful in every way. If I had the chance to do it all over at Fitzgerald I think I would. It helped me a lot and I slowly became the person I wanted to be and I'm very proud of my accomplishments.
I like the diversity in my school. There's also lots of classes to take and many after school clubs and organizations to join.
Throughout my years of high school Fitzgerald is a pretty good school overall. We have some nice teachers who are willing to help you succeed in life. The education will get you ready for college because we offer ap classes. I play a lot of sports at Fitzgerald and I'm satisfied with the coaches. The one thing I do not really agree with at Fitzgerald is the lunch, it's not that good. We need better food and more food options. Fitzgerald is a really nice school and I hope the best for it when I leave.
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