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I personally didn’t know what college was going to be like until this past summer when I took a college dual enrollment class. Fitzgerald high school needs to make it mandatory for students to complete a college-preparedness assessment or have them complete a weekend college preparatory class? Advanced Placement classes are the closest things to a college-preparedness class, but even then it won’t make up for all of the different things you must adjust to during college. Developing skills such as time management are taught firsthand, but these skills will fade if they aren’t reinforced regularly. Money management is another skill that is necessary to live well in this country. And what happens when credit comes into play? If most young adults don’t understand what credit is or how it works, when will they learn? They may end up learning the hard way and starting off with bad credit, and they shouldn’t be taught that way.
I love the teachers and the opportunities we have for dual enrollment. We are in need of a new high school.
My high school experience has been exciting so far. most of the teachers and faculty staff is really caring and helpful when it comes down to it.
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Fitzgerald high schools is the most friendliest school to go in Georgia. The school is very welcoming of new students that transfer from another school.
What I loved most about Fitzgerald High School was the teachers never gave up on trying to help me succeed.
I would love for us to have more ctae classes because what they give us is just so small and some people don’t even wanna go into the fields they have to offer
I enjoyed my height school years. Fitzgerald high is a family friendly environment. This school encourages parent student interaction. I love that the community around the school looks out for the students. One thing that I would like to see change is to have one prom. Having one prom would bring students together more so there wouldn’t be a division.
My experience at Fitzgerald High School was alright but it definitely could've been better. I've made a lot of good friends at this school and have built some relationships with the majority of my teachers that I have had for a couple of years. A thing that needs to change is the teachers at FHS need to be a little more strict and start doing something about the kids that don't behave well. Another thing about our school that needs to change is that most of our money should go to our actual education and not mostly to football. I wish I could give this school higher but due to all the different aspects of this school I can't and won't.
Fitzgerald high school is a good school. It has great teachers who care if you succeed and go and graduate. It has a very good sport teams that give all their efforts. Also they have been recognized for winning their games. One thing that needs to change is probably the school facilities because they are old and need a better facility. Overall it is a great school where the teachers are committed to help the students and make sure that they all graduate and become successful in their life.
i had a okay time, but the overall system needs major work! there is no parent involvment and the admin. is very football centered. no focus on education.
i thought that there is no safety as well. that is why there have been many issues with the students involving safety issues. the old admin was great but the new admin is no good.
It has been a great experience through out my high school years and am hoping to have a great senior year! We have the best sports teams around South Georgia and good academics that overall make our school awesome!
I love the environment, but all together I think we just need a new school. I have made many friends that I never though I would make, and also I have been able to connect with many different teachers throughout my high school career.
It was a great experience at Fitzgerald high school. they had all sorts of activities for us to do throughout the years. the teachers were nice and respectable towards us students at all times. our principal had high demands of discipline and behavior issues, so we really didn't have problems with discipline.
I liked how the teachers wanted you to learn. I liked how the teachers tried to find different ways to teach you and the principal took money out her pay and bought all the seniors a ticket to wild adventures that was a great experience to just have one day of no school no teachers and no work and to just have fun it was great. I wish in the future we could build a new school that's even bigger and better then the one we have today I think it would help with the everyday learning because you wouldn't have to have 30 people per class you could spread them out and teachers can get a one on one with students
My experience at Fitzgerald High School was not great to say it bluntly. When I entered the high school I was already met with displeasure because I couldn't register for AP classes for reasons unknown. As time went on there were many fights that broke out on campus. It was to the point that students started making scheduled plans to fight and boasting on social media. It has a very corrupt system (like cheating and such). I could go on with my list but I'll manage it with one statement; I am not happy that I was previously a Fitzgerald High School student.
I went to Fitzgerald High School and it was a pretty good school! Of course every school has its flaws, but everyone who attends LOVES their purple hurricanes! You can most certainly count on your community, school, and peers to be behind you in everything!
Fitzgerald Highschool has provided me with my education for now four years (I am currently a senior). It could really use financial help because it is more than necessary to better our school system. Although, I will graduate this year I would like to see changes being done to help future students. Books, computers, and ESPECIALLY new lunchroom food is needed. The food is the worst and any student that attends could confirm this.
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School is alright. Needs a lot of work. School is not that diverse. Most whites and black. Few Hispanics. Administration is getting better.
its a great school but i would like to see them build a new one i think its time but my experience is great.
Extracurricular opportunities are great! There are a significant number of clubs and organizations that a student and join and participate in. Members and leaders are both active and committed. Athletic teams and sports are very competitive and perform at the highest level of their abilities.
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