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I enjoy attending one of the larger schools in the area because there is so much diversity and you constantly have the opportunity to make new friends. Even though the school is large, the teachers still care about all of their students which is tremendously beneficial for the students.
They have very good teachers and great academics. They are always making sure youré doing your best. The school does need updated and needs to be more safe.
Though my time at Fitch High School isn't over, my experience over the last three years has been poor. Teachers and guidance counselors alike stand by while students are bullied and harassed. There are also some teachers who don't care if you were sick in the hospital for four days, because the homework was online so "you should have done it." If you ask them to review something you don't understand, 9/10 times, the answer will be no. The district spends obscene amounts of money on sports, but girls have to use the bathroom in a stall with no door. Ceiling tiles crumble and fall to the ground on a daily basis. This year, the school got rid of our library and media center, and now it's just a room for Study Hall. Never once have I felt that the entirety of the staff or administration at Fitch High School or the Austintown Local School District was entirely devoted to helping each and every one of its students.
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I was a student at Austintown Fitch High School all four years of my high school experience. The teachers that I had classes with were very well prepared for lessons, and I learned a lot of life skills from them along with my education. I am so proud to be an alumnus of this high school!
The teachers - at least 95% of them - are highly knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate about serving the best interests of their students. The building itself is in adequate but not great condition, having been built in the 1960's. A decent variety of curriculum is offered, though scheduling often appears to be an issue. The college readiness portion extends only so far as each individual student is willing to put the effort forth--Fitch has produced Ivy League scholars to less than spectacular alumni. The administration sometimes lacks quality communication or competency; but more often than not, I'd give them the benefit of the doubt in at least trying their best. Sports are far heavily favored and better funded - perhaps unnecessarily excessively - than any other extracurricular activity.
I liked the rigor of classes that I took, as well as, the clubs and extracurriculars granted to anyone who wishes to join them. The only issues I have are with the amount if money my school dedicates to its athletic programs. The school's other programs do not provide nearly as much funding, and the school board has had multiple complaints about the age of the building itself as it was built prior to 1970.
The atmosphere is good and the faculty does a great job at doing what they can to make sure the students are well prepared for college. I felt very safe when i was attending the school and felt like a had a family when I was there.
Fitch High School provided me with an absolutely unforgettable experience. The teachers, staff, and other students are hidden gems that cannot be found anywhere else. In my years at Fitch, I met some of the most important people I plan to carry with me into the rest of my life. I had some dark times in my personal life, and my teachers rallied behind me and supported me every step of the way. I would not trade my experience inside the walls of Fitch High School for anything.
I liked that teachers prepared the students for college. I also liked the difficulty of courses at this school. The only thing I would change is to have more parent involvement.
My favorite part of Fitch High School is the faculty members. The faculty members create a sense of home for all of the students that go to school there. They encourage each student to reach their full potential everyday. If a student has a problem any faculty member in the building is willing to help that student resolve their issue. Whether the issue is minor like not being able to find one of their classes or major like having problems at home, the faculty members at Fitch High School always seem to know how to handle any problem that is thrown at them.
Some of the teachers are not invested in their students learning. It seems like favoritism in sports. I like it overall but areas of improvement for sure.
The people here are distant, however they are extremely disrespectful to the teachers. The food was decent but the building is old and needs to be torn down.
They really care about the kids and their education! They are also very family oriented. I'd like to see them offer more clubs. Also, they should make some repairs on the inside of the school.
This school has wonderful teachers that care about how well the students learn the material. There are many activities and sports to join, but, since it is an older school, some of the facilities are outdated.
Fitch High School is good for people that actually attend the school, they keep their kids involved. The teachers are good and help you.
The experience was great. The best 4 years that I could imagine in high school. Would be nice if they rebuilt the high school though
My experience at this school is beyond amazing. I came to this school last year as a sophomore from another state, and I thought I wouldn't like this school. The teachers helped when I didn't understand and never gave up on me. They really take the initiative to help you strive towards your goal in the best way possible. I am able to reach my full potential here because the teachers encourage you to come out of your comfort zone.
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Pretty average school, the teachers here are very helpful. Students here are usually prepared well for college. The building itself is very bad and needs fixed.
Fitch High School does a great job at making sure students are prepared for life after High School. Administration does a great job of getting teachers who truly care about their students.
At fitch high school I loved the band! I played clarinet and bass clarinet and I was also on the rifle line! Being in this extra curricular helped me make my 4 years there great! A few things I would like to see changed though is the building! It needs a big upgrade! Fitch high school is constantly falling apart. I do also believe that there should be more languages to choose from in our language department
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