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Fishers High School is a great experience. From the students to the teachers I love the school. They provide many resources for the students to succeed. They have a great atmosphere and try to make everyone feel accepted.
Fishers High School is overall an excellent school to attend. It has wonderful academic programs, consisting of college classes, internships, and everything you could want for college readiness. They have a great deal of extracurricular activities for everyone to enjoy and their departments such as sports, math/science, and even their band/music programs are growing rapidly. Some of the administration (Other than the principals) could have their character/attitude called into question however, leading to my 4 star review, along with the somewhat questionable school culture and flawed safety measures. Who hides in an all glass classroom in a lockdown drill? Overall, a great school to attend.
Great teachers and administrators! They really care about the students! The building is immaculate and well taken care of. Communication between the school and parents is timely and relevant to the school happenings.
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My experience at Fishers High School was more than sufficient. As a senior, I struggled with preparing for college. It wasn't until I had talked to my counselor that she told me that the school was hosting a college workshop. My school goes above and beyond when it comes to the quality of help they provide for the students. Attending that workshop was the best decision for my future because it gave me clarity on what I needed to do. I just got accepted to IUPUI and I owe it all to my counselor and teachers for providing me with support and resources.
I love all the teachers at this school! They really care about the students learning! I think the school is a little too competitive but it is also enjoyable to be able to compete at a high level!
There are so many people that attend FHS that it's easy to find your group. For the most part, the teachers are very inclusive and actually want to help you learn. Most have office hours before or after school where you can go in for extra help. The counselors are good about making sure everyone is on track to graduate, but if you need help with other things it can sometimes be difficult to schedule something.
There are plenty of class options, from your very basic courses to a variety of AP classes. There are both good fine arts programs and STEM programs.
I've attended Fishers High School for 3 years now, and its been like every usual high school experience... sort of. This school shows a lot of pride, and makes sure students and staff are treated respectfully and feel comfortable. Teachers here have their own unique ways of teaching, and all and all a good experience so far.
Fishers High School is a very good and safe school. With a very good academics, music program and sports program. Teachers are very caring for their students and work hard to teach students on the subject matter. Fishers High School will prepare you to succeed in college.
Overall, FIshers High School was a great school to attend. The academics prepared me well for college and I had a good experience there. It is a very nice campus and the most of the teachers I had were fantastic. All around I'm lucky to have attended.
do a very good job at targeting your weak spots in certain subjects to help you excel, and apply yourself
the kids here are incredibly mean and judgey and everyone hates everyone. the teachers try their best so nothing against them, but they arent very great. this school tries to look amazing on the outside, but the inside it isnt anything special. also they only care about grades so that they look good, they dont care if youre actually learning anything.
I have had a very good experience at this school, there are many clubs and opportunities to get involved in. The teachers and the students at this school are very welcoming and create a good environment to be in.
I really enjoy Fishers High School. It is a very good High School in regards to academics. It is a great environment with many great teachers.
I love this school and everything they do for me. It has to be one of the best schools in terms of getting me ready for the next level of education. This applies not only in the classroom but out of it as well.
FUN-omenal teachers, caring & competent counselors, clean/contemporary facility, the list goes on & on... We have had 2 children attend FHS and have been impressed from day #1. The only things I wish could change are the daily start time (kids stand at the bus stop in the dark during winter months because Indiana is on eastern time zone) and I also wish the school year started after Labor Day so kids could have a longer summer. Other than that, excellent!
Fishers High School has fantastic opportunities both in and out of the academic sense. There are a wide variety of classes with experienced and passionate teachers who are always willing to work with students. The building is top-notch and so are its resources. The only reason it isn't getting five stars is that the student body can be frustrating. Most people just stay in their cliques.
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Fishers High School is an academically outstanding high school. My daughter is attending her freshman year at Indiana University - Bloomington planning to eventually get her law degree. Her and I both feel that Fishers High School prepared her to excel in college. I have been very impressed with the teachers and administration at this school. I say Thank You to the Hamilton Southeastern school system and more specifically to Fishers High School!
Fishers is a great place to make everyone feel welcome. Everyone has their friend groups, but everyone in my class is still a warm friendly face. They have offered so many ways to get involved for everyone. It made it so easy to come in freshmen year and to get involved and meet new people. My counselor has been easy to access and she’s more than willing to help me when I ask for help. At Fishers, I have a family. Everyone is encouraging. I feel like Fishers has really helped make me the person I am today.
Fishers High School is an excellent school that offers a wide range of opportunities for students to start their path to success.
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