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Since I am not even done with half my freshman year, I am not qualified to necessarily give such a good review. But, so far the people have been nice. Some of the teachers, meaning really only 1, is not that nice of a person but when you talk to an official they always take care of it and it's better for a while. This school district really does care about their students and they provide us with a good education. (so far)
The school building its self isnt in the best condition, there are computers provided for every student, plenty of college prep classes, no tutoring, and most of the parents are on the school board.
The relationships between the students and the teachers are the best i've ever seen, this would be second high school i have attended. This is the best school i have been to so far.
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Bullying has gotten better at my school since we have gotten a new principle, but hes going more unnoticed.
There is no options for our lunch, its small proportions and the food is gross.
We recently got a new principle, who is trying his best to better our school. So far he is doing excellent, but its still a work in progress. We don't really have a dress code that gets followed or punished if broken, bullying is still an issue, and there are a few teachers/ paras who should not be here for how they treat the younger students,
we dont have any school spirit, there are a very few sports that are offered, and we do not have a weight room big enough for a whole gym class to be in there at the same time.
Some of the teachers here go beyond what they have to do, and then there are the ones who do not put grades in till the end of the quarter, they also favor the students who are in sports and some let the students run things.
My school does not provide many clubs, there are a few like; drama, speech, knowledge bowl, spirit club and then there are sports. We have a small school and we are not funded as well as we would like to.
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