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Fisher has tried to help me with my disabilities to do the best that I could. It has put too much emphasis on testing that make the school look better at the expense of the students with testing that has nothing to do with graduation requirements.
I attended Fisher Middle/High School from 7th grade until graduation. It is a great school to attend. The facility and staff are very nice and helpful. The school offers clubs, sports, and activities for students to get involved in. I was a part of National Honors Society, 4-H, Student Council, and the Talented Art program.
Good learning environment, nice, fun teachers who really care about students! Pretty, well-unkept grounds with awesome groundskeepers! Lots of smart students because it is a GOOD school!
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My experience at Fisher has been great. The school is small but very easy to get around. Most kids that attend school there are related in some type of way. Fisher is a very welcoming school and you feel very at home after a while. The art and drama programs are absolutely amazing. There is a detail officer working at the school because all public schools are required to have one. Attending Fisher High school has been great since the first day I started there as a junior. I have definitely made friends that hopefully our friendships last a life time. Fisher has changed a lot from how it used to be. The School has gotten a new disciplinarian which has helped out a lot. Our principal has made sure that all of the students work hard to keep our "A" school reputation.
Overall this is a great school but the counselor lacks organization and knowledge when it comes to scholarships.
It was the greatest times of my life I graduated this year we have a very small community and we are the only school I wouldn't trade this place for anything
Fisher Middle High School is a small school and that makes the environment feel cozy and safe. The teachers are awesome and help prepare you for college.
I have attended 4 different schools throughout grade school and Fisher High School has been my favorite out of all of them! The staff is loving and caring and is always there when you need them, academically and mentally. My teachers have pushed me to be the best I can be and even though things were tough at times, their positive attitudes and motivation helped me through it!
I have been attending this middle/high school ever since I was in seventh grade. I am now a senior. Through these years I have become involved in many activities, but I would like to see the school offer more. It offers many sports, but I would like to see it offer more extracurricular activities. A few things I love about going to Fisher are that I feel very safe there, I love the relationships I grow with my teachers, and I love how close the students are.
I think we need more special study options. The workload and scheduling proceed are both very manageable.
I feel like my school is safe, its very small and everyone knows everyone.
There are many clubs at my school. I am in many of them and the administrators are involved in them.
My over all experience at my high school was okay, I probably would of went to a bigger high school with more educational opportunities.
Some of my teachers are very knowledge and use real-life examples in their teaching methods.
they were okay changed a lot
The only time you have to research is during our already short lunch period. So there's n time to research and eat. You have to choose between the two.
The teachers don't offer much. They tell you what you need to know and have an attitude when you ask them to explain it again.
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it was not to bad
they need to focus more on the education they are giving us.
every group over laps sometimes
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