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Fisher Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Getting help for academics can be difficult for student athletes. They took away the option to get help in school during the last period, so now you have to come in before or after school. But the teachers are all very kind and considerate of the students.
I’ve gone to Fisher my whole life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a great environment and a great community.
Fisher is a very small town, which means the school is just as small. If you are an athlete like me, the athletic teams don’t cut (because we aren’t aloud to and that is also a pro and a con of being at a small school). With that said, it does have a political vibe. It’s all about your last name for sports so if you would like to pursue athletics I would strongly consider that fact. Acedemics are average but I would say Fisher is very easy going and adapts to your abilities. Just like every other school you have your fair share of teachers you will like and teachers you won’t.
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Over all I’d say I’ve had a pretty average high school career at Fisher. One thing I love is that it’s a small school and a small town, everybody knows everybody. Although, like i said, that’s one of my favorite things about it, it being a small school has its downsides too. It can become very political at times, especially during sports.
I've had a very positive experience in this school system. Fisher is a close-knit community of about 1900 people. Our school serves as a hub of activity when in session. It is literally in use nearly every weeknight. It really is the center of our little town. The students will claim feeling very supported by the community, which is vital to an effective education experience. Community support is vital to the educators in our district as well. Teaching in a small, close-knit community like Fisher, allows the teachers to really get to know their students. We students are able to learn more about the teachers lives outside of school as well, to see them as people beyond their role as educators, which I believe adds to my learning experience. At Fisher High School I am encouraged to take an active roll in my learning and not just be spoon fed information. I am heading into my Senior year and would not want to be finishing up my High School career any where else!
Fisher High School is a tight knit environment with available 1 on 1 help almost whenever you need. Some teachers are lazy but most are very passionate. Mostly everyone is friendly and welcoming.
The guidance counselor is terrible which leads to a lot of confused and frustrated students. Parents are quite involved. The building is not the greatest and in some places is in various states of decay.
It's easy to be involved in things, there are tons of traditions.
Many students do drugs and smoke. Sometimes this occurs on school property, but no disciplinary action is ever taken.
The "meat" is inedible and unidentifiable, the only healthy options are a few types of fruits and vegetables and lettuce salad, salad dressing costs extra
Rules aren't really stuck to at my school. Even though they are in place, people rarely follow them and are rarely punished for it.
Sports are extremely exclusive and unfair except for the select few that are favored by the coaches. But the school spirit of the Bunnies is extraordinary!
Very few teachers try as hard as they can, some are underqualified for their jobs, and many do not put forth much effort.
There are few options other than sports in terms of extracurriculars.
Usually no one will really get in trouble with the administration unless you actively get in a physical confrontation with someone or you smoke on school property. No issues with bullying.
The teachers we have here with try their best to help students get better. For the most part Fisher has hired pretty good teachers. There isn't much of a variably in teaching styles in the classrooms. You will tend to change your learning style to the teachers. For the most part they will grade consistently.
There are not really any clubs or organizations at our school because our class size is so small. Most of the time people spend their time outside of class in sports or hanging out with people. Many teachers support sport programs very much.
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Definitely had teachers that cared about us individually. The biology program is very strong with Mr. Stewart although the English department tends to let the school down because they never really taught us how to write papers.
we didn't have many cliques so there was not really a whole lot of peer pressure or acceptance issues. Also, there were not a whole lot of racial/ethnic diversity because my school was only around 400 students.
my school was very small and therefore we only had the basic courses available, no honors classes really.
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