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I am personally going to FMS right now and I have some ups and downs with the school. My pros : it teaches kids here to be men at A young age witch is lacking in today's society. Also it will teach A kid discipline and how to listen. Last FMS will have your kid physically healthy. The cons: The staff are mean and do thing like send the food your parents bought for you with their hard earned money back to the place it came from and your parents get no refund. All because you have "tours". Also some of the kids here are racist and huge trouble makers. Theres a fight every day and A group of kids started their own "Crip" gang and jump kids. The apllication lied about 24hr pool and mess hall. It makes it seem as FMS is A fun place to be. There are many more but the last complaint is that this school is way to right wing politically. I think it should be equal here and people of color here, ME!, are looked at as trouble makers and always targeted and pointed at when something goes wrong.
I doubt a single applicant has been denied admission, and it shows. The school used to be full of smart kids with disciplinary issues, but now it's filled with young fortnight players with handicaps. The academics are a joke. Everybody either cheats on every assignment, or just asks the teacher for an A. Half the school is on the "distinguished honor roll;" average SAT of <1100 not withstanding. Please send your child anywhere else, prison even.
This school is dying and the people here can't accept it. The school consists of about 100 kids, not 175 young men. False advertising and unclean facilities lead me to believe this school is a waste of money and should not be on anyone's list.
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Fishburne hasnt really helped you time manage like they promote they will. they manage all your time, wether or not you do what your told is up to you. they sell this “fact” of having outstanding academics when in reality 90% of the teachers dont have teaching degrees for their subjects they are teaching. the math department is severel lacking with 1 legit math teacher and two who just dont really know what thay are doing for how to run a class at all. only about 10-12 cadets out of the alleged “175” cadets ( 130) actually make all A’s the rest are sub bar mixtures of C’s, D’s, and F’s.
this school is whack, I don't know much of anything anymore I just want to get out of here, I'm going insane.
Academics are sub par, athletic participation is high simply because students are forced to play sports, JROTC is understaffed and staff are extremely negligent to the goings-on of barracks life.
Fishburne is a school where one can obtain valuable leadership skills, but not so much in academics. The Junior ROTC part is rigorous and the daily schedule is strict, which provides structure for young men. The academics and administration needs to improve, but overall is a good experience for boys who need discipline.
I spent 5 years here and the only reason I stayed was the brotherhood. The faculty is a joke and runs the school extremely poorly. I'd say most kids cheated their way through and the teachers allow it to happen. The connections I made through the alumni base was fantastic.
Although this school provides a great leadership program for JROTC, this school does not provide a good education. There are a lot of classes lacking compared to other private and public schools. With that being said, this is not a bad school if you are looking to go to schools such as West Point, or other service academies as it gives you the first hand experience.
A lot of recent renovations have occurred but many more are needed
Many of the Administrators are bias to certain students. Cadets are a leadership form that tries to stop it. The current headmaster has no idea what he is doing and is extremely rude.
A 100% acceptance to a college. Great ties to many universities. I used an off campus college counselor.
The sports teams at FMS are becoming much better. A new athletic complex is being developed now. A new weight room is also under way.
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