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I love firth because it’s a small school and we have smaller classes and the teachers are very willing to work one on one to help us grow.
Firth High School has a strong sense of tradition, belonging, and character. They do lack funds for better programs and opportunities for students.
Each person cares about one anther and is willing to help out each other. Our sports teams are amazing. They work together and are very successful We have at least one state champion every year. The classes here challenge you enough to help you use your problem solving skills. The teachers are willing to help anyone and are ready to solve any problem that you face
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The Firth Highschool has a very friendly enviroment. It will make you actually want to come to school. The teachers are fantastic and are even better friends.
Firth high School is a perfect place to attend high school. Your graduating class is tiny no more that sixty student everyone knows everyone, such a great community. With such a small class you really get more help in class you are struggling on. The staff at Firth high make sure to help you get prepared for life after high school. the clubs and the sports are great here, the only thing down side of this great school is the fact that there isn't that many elective class to help expand your more fun and creative side of learning things. but other than that this is a really great school.
Firth High School is a great school. It is small, so it's understandable that resources are limited, but what FHS lacks in resources it makes up for in content. The teachers there genuinely care about the students, the academics are everyone's priority, and the sports are absolute top notch. Attending this school prepared me for college and gave me a great experience.
I really love Firth High school! I love the amount of students that go here. There are about 54 in my class, so there are enough people that you can still choose different friends, but you also know everyone. It seems like our whole grade, for the most part, is one big friend group. We get through stuff together. I also get a change to know lots of other grades too. Plus, the sports area is nice too. We are a fairly competitive school, and yet almost everyone has a change to be a part of a team, since we don't have tons of people here. We also have lots of fun clubs to participate in, like BPA, Key Club, and FCCLA. The only downer- and thing I would change- is the amount of classes we have available. I know this would be impossible for our school because of the amount of money and students we have, but I would love it if we had plenty of more electives to take, like ballroom dancing, art, choir, drama, cooking, and other classes like that.
We have extremely good volleyball, boys and girls basketball, and cross country programs. Our BPA, FCCLA, and FFA produce national qualifiers almost every single year.
I've learned a lot from my teachers here. The sports are incredible and the clubs are too. The only drawback is that the school doesn't show a lot of support for clubs; it's mostly focused on sports, even though the club advisers are fantastic and they qualify for nationals every year.
The teachers are wonderful! They really care and try their hardest to help us succeed.
Would like to see more activities not involving sports
There is a lot of activities to meet people
Very little bullying if any.
There are some clubs and organizations but limited to mostly sports
There are a lot of fun activities to get in.
The teachers really care about students that are struggling.
This school is a great school. But if you aren't religious you are judged and pushed away. I know this from personal experiences. Other then that this school is great! Great math teachers and chemistry teachers. And great sports teams too!
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Overall, this is a very good school. Where there are not many students we really do not have a problem with bullying and that is definitely a plus.
Firth High School is an amazing school in my opinion. I am in my senior year at the high school and I have loved absolutely every second there! The students are all so friendly, and the teachers are always there willing to help you. I am involved in multiple clubs and I will tell you that once you get involved in something your high school experience will be the best experience in your life, hands down!
A few of the teachers were amazing-- they really gave me an awesome educational experience. But, their pay was very low and their materials faltering, so they couldn't provide us with as much of an experience as they liked. Most of the teachers and students were of a religion very specific to my area, so those of us who aren't were ostracized and mocked. The school doesn't spend their funding in the right areas, instead replacing things that are fine and not fixing actual problems. I oftentimes wished I could transfer to another school. My time here was alright, but not enriching or rewarding.
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