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First Presbyterian Day School is a great place to learn, and get ready for college. There are many activities and they are excellent. I am currently taking art, band, Spanish, health, and the main courses. FPD is an advanced program but it helps a lot for your future.
Both of our children attended FPD since 4K. The experience is way more than just a college prep school in Christian environment. It goes beyond that. Teachers are trained to integrate biblical truths into the subject being taught. They challenge students with a rigorous curriculum, with honors and AP options - and love and support them along the way. From art, band and chorus to soccer, tennis and football to community service and missions... there are plenty of opportunities for kids to identify and develop gifts and serve others. The culture was uplifting. Even the lunches were amazing! No better investment into the lives of our kids!
I've attended FPD since kindergarten and have loved every minute of it. The teachers here truly care for the students and it makes this school unique. It is definitely the strongest school for fine arts across middle Georgia, so anyone interesting in theatre, band, chorus, or visual arts would have a hard time finding a better school for them!
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At First Presbyterian Day School (FPD) they prepare the students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to become successful. In addition, the environment is more of a family oriented atmosphere with a strong support group. I firmly believe that the strong foundation of faith that is exemplified at FPD will be in my heart forever.
They completely prepare you for college. The academics are top notch. The teachers are extremely helpful. It IS a Christian school and I love the fact that students get a constant reinforcement of the gospel.
Great Christian-centered environment with engaged teachers who really care about helping students. I transferred from a public school where teacher engagement was a real problem. At FPD I have been motivated to try harder because my teachers care more! There are also more extra curricular opportunities as well. There is something for everyone.
The school does give you a solid background in education;however, the lack of diversity can take a toll on some of the minority students.
Outstanding people and family like culture. The faculty and staff truly care about students and their future. They live out their mission as a Christian School by addressing the whole person from a biblical perspective. Wouldn't want my children anywhere else.
As a parent of a FPD student, I am very pleased with the quality of education our son receives in a Christ-centered environment. The teachers are welcoming and are willing to assist the students to ensure they have a solid education. We are blessed to have him enrolled at FPD.
I loved the overall experience. The academics were challenging but not overwhelming. The athletic facilities are wonderful. The teachers are kind and enjoy what they do for the most part.
I really have loved my time at First Presbyterian. The school has provided me with a firm foundation with which I will form my future upon.
I just want to say that this school is extremely safe to study in. There is a special safe policy, which is that every door at school need to be locked. And one paper put on the fore shaft to make sure the door still open for students. If someone pursue a student, students can take out the paper and the door will lock immediently.
I joined in color guard during my sophomore and junior year. My partner and I practiced everyday after school. We had a coach who was experienced and responsible to train us and prepare us for competition. By participating this activity, I learnt team work and made lots of friends. And the school encourages students to participate activities as much as possible.
For teacher's characteristics and knowledges, the teachers at this school are talented and intelligent. For example, my AP Chemistry teacher is not only a chemistry teacher, but also a very outstanding entrepreneur. He establishes a entrepreneur club to prepare more students who want to run a corporation in the future. In addition, after school, he also stays at school for at least an hour to help struggling students to solve their problems.

For teaching styles and communication skills, the teachers at this school also have mature teaching method and great communication skills. In an instance, my AP calculus teacher knows learning mathematics needs answering lots of questions. By doing lots of assignment from her, I got a 5 point on my AP calculus exam. She also likes to talk with students, to discuss wonderful football games or some interesting songs. She is one of the best teacher we all like.
Sports are weak. First round of playoffs doom everyone
There are many great traditions at this school. I wish we could beat Stratford in something but we never could. Athletics are why I would not choose this school again. No one ever gets any better. I would have gone to Tatnall or Stratford for athletics cause they win.
Teachers are very personable and actually care about the needs of each individual student.
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Parents are doctors and volunteer a lot.
Many talented students have attended FPD. Many talented students still attend.
Good school with a tough job to teach students from wealthy parents to parents who are struggling.